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How To Cope with Holiday Stress and Anxiety

a person sits on a couch by a Christmas tree wondering how to cope with holiday stress and anxiety

November and December mark that time of year when most Americans prepare for holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, they also mark the time of year when anxiety levels often start to rise. Do you find yourself stressing out over the holidays? If so, the impact of stress may not seriously affect your well-being. However, you may also develop significant anxiety that significantly damages your ability to feel well. In these circumstances, enrollment in an anxiety treatment program sets the stage for your recovery. Contact us at 888.231.1281 to learn more about programs at Northpoint Colorado.

How Common Is Holiday Stress?

How likely are you to feel more stressed out when the holiday season rolls around? Research shows that very few people feel no uptick in their day-to-day anxiety levels. In fact, close to two-thirds of all adults experience moderate or serious stress elevations.

Why does this matter? Humans can only stand so much stress and still function well. If you feel stressed or anxious most of the time, your health can suffer. The list of common physical stress effects includes:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Digestive issues
  • Fatigue
  • Achy muscles
  • Headaches

Mentally, you may feel irritable or have difficulty concentrating. You may also feel depressed or generally unable to cope with life’s pressures. What’s more, some people develop panic disorder or other diagnosable anxiety disorders. These facts help explain the importance of finding ways of coping with holiday anxiety.

How to Cope With Holiday Stress and Anxiety – Self-Care Options

You may be able to cope with holiday stress on your own. That’s typically true for people who don’t develop anxiety disorders. Self-care methods known to help relieve holiday stress include:

  • Consciously taking breaks from situations that elevate your stress levels
  • Knowing how much stress you can take before overloading yourself
  • Setting limits on your activities to avoid reaching the point of overload
  • Also, setting limits on how much you spend on gifts and celebrations
  • Getting outside to exercise or take a personal breather
  • Meditating or using breathing techniques known to ease the effects of stress

Make sure to omit substance use from your efforts to cope with holiday stress.

If you’re already in treatment for an anxiety disorder, make sure to keep up your recovery routine. You can also check in with your doctor or therapist for extra support. You may need to restart therapy at least temporarily if you’ve already completed a treatment program.

Coping with Holiday Anxiety in a Formal Treatment Program

Are holiday stress and anxiety taking a toll on your normal ability to function? It’s time to consider starting formal treatment seriously. There are well-developed methods for addressing all anxiety disorders. The nature of your condition determines which treatments will work best for you. The seriousness of your anxiety determines what type of treatment you require.

Be aware that holiday stress can trigger increased drug or alcohol use. You can also develop simultaneous symptoms of an anxiety disorder and a serious substance problem. If this happens to you, you may need to enroll in a rehab facility that provides treatment for co-occurring disorders. This form of treatment provides support for both anxiety and substance recovery.

Contact Northpoint for More on How to Cope with Holiday Stress and Anxiety

The question of how to cope with holiday stress and anxiety is essential for most adults. Self-care efforts may help you deal with the increasing effects of anxiousness. However, you may also need professional help.

At Northpoint Colorado, we understand the importance of coping with holiday stress. We specialize in treating anxiety that overlaps with substance problems. If you need a formal program, we’re standing by with customized care plans. Call us today at 888.231.1281 or complete our online form.