Alcohol Detox & Rehab in Loveland, Colorado

Treatment designed to address YOUR specific needs and background

We take an integrated approach to treating alcohol dependency and addiction. This means that we won’t only focus on your physical symptoms, but also on the underlying mental conditions, trauma, and root causes of your alcohol problem.

Personalized Treatment

Your history, experiences, and reasons for drinking makes your case very unique. At Northpoint, we believe that your treatment plan should be designed to address and accommodate your specific background, mental health needs, and alcohol use problem. We’ll teach you how to identify your triggers, prevent relapses, and develop a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We All Have a Unique Story

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Our Programs

Some patients may be required to complete a supervised medicated detox in a residential facility before being cleared for rehab. Others may have recently completed detox and are physically stable enough to start outpatient treatment while still living at home. Cookie cutter alcohol rehab programs just aren’t as effective as personalized, holistic plans centered around your unique needs.

Our licensed clinicians who specialize in addiction recovery will work with you to determine the most appropriate level of treatment

Inpatient Detox & Rehab

  • Stay for 28 days in a safe & supportive environment
  • Receive 24/7 support from a full medical team
  • Prescription medications to ease withdrawals
  • Ideal for people with severe addictions

Outpatient: PHP & IOP

  • Designed to accommodate your work, school, other commitments
  • Stay at home and come to our facility for treatment
  • 10-30 hours of scheduled treatment per week
  • Ideal for individuals with moderate addictions

Let’s figure out which program is best for you

We’ll help you to strengthen your body, restore your wellness, and give you the tools necessary to successfully recover from your addiction.

Program Benefits

  • Learn to live a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t depend on alcohol use
  • Get help repairing damaged friendships and family relationships
  • Get your anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions under control
  • Dramatically improve your physical health, sleeping habits, and energy levels
  • Feel more confident at work and in other professional and social settings

Our Continuum Of Care

Alcohol Detox

- Cleanse -

Before being cleared for alcohol rehab, patients undergo a supervised detox to ensure that the alcohol & its toxins are out of their system. We address their physical dependence on alcohol & help to manage uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that start when alcohol consumption is reduced or stopped. Specialized medications may be used in this phase of care.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

- Understand -

Once your withdrawal symptoms have stopped, you’ll transition into the rehab phase of treatment, where we focus on the underlying psychological conditions that influence your alcohol use. We’ll help to retrain your brain and body to function normally without the presence of alcohol. You’ll also learn how to manage cravings and triggers that cause relapse.

Outpatient Rehab

- Apply -

After completing an inpatient alcohol rehab program, we recommend that patients continue to actively participate in a more flexible form of treatment that allows them to receive essential support and therapy, while applying the skills they learned in inpatient rehab to their everyday life. We primarily offer two levels of outpatient treatment - PHP & IOP.

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Medicated Detox

Preventing relapse and getting you through the alcohol withdrawal phase is critical to your success

Can prevent the onset of severe withdrawal symptoms
Proven to boost recovery success rates from 20% to 50%
Helps to relieve withdrawal symptoms, including alcohol cravings
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“NorthPoint changed my life. The staff (Counselors, Nurses and Techs) are amazing and provide great care. I felt like I was their priority. The facility is warm and welcoming. Meals are wholesome and of good variety. Dietary needs are met as required. My life today is amazing, thanks to NorthPoint.”

Rehab Services

During the detox and rehab process, you will benefit from a complementary mix of services that have proven to be effective in the recovery process

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All of our treatment programs include the following services

Integrated treatment and medical intervention
When you’re battling addiction, other life skills may be left by the wayside. Through an assortment of educational classes and skill-building activities, you can learn about how and why addiction occurs, how to rebuild and maintain relationships, controlling volatile emotions, and how to promote good health in all your endeavors. These are just a few of many activities and classes that we offer.
Psychiatric care and medications for co-occurring disorders
More than 60% of those with substance use disorder also suffer from other co-occurring mental health conditions. Integrated treatment is the practice of treating both addiction and mental health conditions at the same time. Through integrated treatment, clinicians hope to assist you to learn how to cope with both conditions and establish a functional lifestyle.
Family therapy
Families can be complex. Recovery may necessitate mending damaged relationships, examining family bonds, or even navigating difficult family histories. Establishing a familial support system could be the change that helps you achieve long-term sobriety.
Behavioral therapy
Treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management are clinically proven to help patients change their addictive behaviors and destructive patterns.
Educational workshops and skill-building activities
Classes and skill-building activities cover such a wide range of subject matter that it would be difficult to name them all here, but some areas include learning about the science of addiction, stress and anger management, self care, communication, and how to build healthy relationships.
Group therapy and support
Sharing your story and hearing accounts about other patients’ addiction battles is an integral component of the recovery journey. Process groups can help you see your own past from an open-minded perspective.

Our Colorado Location

Northpoint Colorado’s rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction is a beautiful and modern 64 room facility located in Loveland, Colorado. We pride ourselves on establishing a feeling of safety and security from the moment you enter our front door. View our virtual tour and photo gallery for a realistic idea of the facility’s features and amenities.

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How much does alcohol detox & rehab cost?

Minimizing the amount you’ll have to spend

The cost of detox & treatment at Northpoint Colorado is different for everyone since our recovery plans are completely individualized. Each person’s treatment is based on their specific medical needs, history, and underlying mental health conditions. With that being said, we work with most insurance providers in the U.S. to help you minimize out of pocket expenses. To see if your insurance provider will cover your treatment, please verify your insurance.

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