At Northpoint, it is our firm belief that each individual entering addiction treatment or mental health treatment has a unique story to tell. We each walk our own paths in life and come from a variety of backgrounds. This is no different in our specific journeys through addiction and mental health crises.

Our Approach To Addiction Therapy Services

Because of our belief in the uniqueness of each and every person, we believe that each person deserves their own customized and individualized treatment plan.

Using evidence-based treatments, the staff at Northpoint Colorado gives each patient the exact services needed in their journey. Beginning at the admissions call with the highly-trained and experienced staff at Northpoint Colorado, a plan will be developed to give each individual exactly what they need to not only succeed but to live a life in long-term recovery.

Northpoint Colorado has both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for those battling substance use disorders, mental health disorders, or both. Inpatient programming varies in length depending on medical necessity and provides instruction that is designed to teach you how to identify triggers, avoid relapses, and maintain sobriety.

Outpatient programming offers patients the flexibility to fit schedules, while also providing proven and effective treatment.

We All Have a Unique Story

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Our Counseling Approach in Therapy

When receiving counseling and therapy services for mental health and/or addiction, it is important to really dig in and come at the disorders from all angles. While treatment plans vary for all patients, most clients require more than just the traditional individual counseling sessions.

Our clients have the ability to receive both cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapies on an individual level.

In cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), clients will be challenged in an approach that helps with recognizing negative or unhelpful thoughts and patterns in behavior. This therapy focuses on perceptions that cause addiction. The ultimate goal in this form of therapy is improving the quality of life of the patient and avoiding relapse.

In dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), clients will work to gain acceptance about their situation and the reality of it. DBT is most commonly used for those that have experienced suicidal thoughts.

Addiction Recovery Services

If overlooked, a patient with co-occurring disorders is dealt a great disservice by their rehab center. At Northpoint Colorado, we understand that a large percentage of those with mental health disorders turn to addiction without ever knowing that they have a mental health disorder.

When this is the case, it is called a co-occurring disorder, and many treatment centers throughout the country are not equipped to provide services for both mental health and addiction recovery simultaneously.

There are countless mental health disorders that can play into addiction and co-exist with it. Among the most common disorders are anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

When treatment centers are unable to provide care for both disorders, the chances of lasting recovery are considerably smaller. Without treating underlying psychiatric disorders, patients are far more likely to return to coping with substances. Without treating addiction, proper treatments for psychiatric disorders are harder to complete.

In providing dual diagnosis treatment, or integrated care, clinicians aim to assist by teaching you or your loved one how to cope with both conditions in a functional way, allowing for a more fulfilling and structured life.

A dual diagnosis treatment plan usually contains most of the following steps at Northpoint Colorado:

  • Detoxification Evaluation and diagnosis
  • Personal therapy with a counselor
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Aftercare planning
  • Aftercare support

A Mix of Addiction Therapy Services for a Better Tomorrow

Using proven treatment modalities, we have seen success in rebuilding and healing the lives of many. Our mix of services provided for those in addiction treatment is designed to not only treat the physical and psychological substance addiction but also teach about healthy lifestyles once the time in the rehab facilities or programs have ended.

In building a healthy lifestyle, we use many modes of therapy that will help our clients make better decisions.

Using educational classes that build life skills, we give advice in overcoming addiction, but also in making better choices to enhance the quality and length of life.

Classes and skill-building activities cover a wide range of subjects. Some of the areas covered are nutritional wellness and outdoor therapy. Classes in life skills building will help our patients understand the science of addiction, self-care, good communication, healthy relationships, and can assist in managing stress and anger.

Our recreational therapy options in the outdoors include mindfulness, meditation, hiking, yoga, and more.

Our Holistic Program Includes More Than Just Counseling

We take a holistic approach to addiction and mental health treatment. This essentially means that we attack your addiction or mental health disorder from all angles.

Each treatment modality that we offer brings a different level of care to your time in a recovery center. Among our other offerings in treatment are eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), 12-step programs, alternatives to 12-step programs, group therapy, and family therapy.

In EMDR therapy, clients will do less talking and allow themselves to heal naturally by recalling past triggers and traumatic experiences. This allows clients to find peace with their situations and pasts.

When thinking of recovery, 12-step programs are one of the first that comes to mind with the popularization of groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. At Northpoint Colorado, there are paths to take that include following the 12-steps and alternatives to the 12-steps.

The 12 steps to follow for those that thrive in structured settings are:

  • Surrender
  • Hope
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Truth
  • Willingness
  • Humility
  • Reflection
  • Amendment
  • Vigilance
  • Attunement
  • Service

Northpoint Recovery Centers are firm believers in the structure and accountability that comes with 12-step programs.

Along with individual counseling and therapy offerings, Northpoint understands that having support groups and speaking with more than just a licensed counselor will do wonders for anyone dealing with a mental health or substance use disorder.

Sharing your story and hearing accounts about other patients' addiction battles is an integral component of the recovery journey. Process groups can help you see your own past from an open-minded perspective.

Another important piece in the puzzle that makes up recovery from substance use and mental health disorders is family. Families are complex, and that goes without saying.

Part of the recovery process may include rebuilding relationships with family members that have left due to past decisions. Another part of the process is educating family members about what the treatment process and recovery journey are going to look like for their loved ones and themselves.

At Northpoint Colorado, we offer family therapy to give families a chance to rebuild a bond like none other in life. Through family therapy, it is the hope of Northpoint to mend damaged relationships, examine family bonds, and navigate difficult family history. By doing this and succeeding, a client will have a stronger chance of success after leaving the treatment program due to the support system around them.


What does individual therapy in addiction entail?

When thinking about individual therapy, the classic scene from Hollywood comes to mind. A counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, or another professional is sitting in a chair with their face buried in a notebook, and you are lying on a couch. That is not the case in addiction therapy. When taking part in addiction therapy you will be challenged by digging into your addiction from multiple levels.

Individual therapy for many includes the processes of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). CBT clients will be challenged in an approach that helps them recognize negative or unhelpful thoughts and patterns in behavior. This therapy focuses on perceptions that cause addiction. The ultimate goal in this form of therapy is improving the quality of life of the patient and avoiding relapse. In DBT, clients will work to gain acceptance about their situation and the reality of it. DBT is most commonly used for those that have experienced suicidal thoughts.

Why is addiction hard to overcome, and how can therapy help?

Addiction is an incredibly difficult thing to defeat. Your body and mind become dependent on substances, and it can cloud judgment. Many times, an addict will not see the need for treatment as they will need to hear from a loved one that change is needed. For those battling addiction that recognize change is needed, you are already one step closer to recovery.

Therapy will tackle addiction by giving an outlet and a learning opportunity. It will help break down the barriers to recovery by speaking with others that are battling addiction and talking with medical professionals and licensed therapists.

How does addiction start, according to behavioral therapy?

Addiction is not something that most people choose to have. It often starts as a coping mechanism for struggles and holes in their lives, by filling the holes and allowing the brain to calm receptors that bring upon strong emotions. In many instances, a person with a substance use disorder is using the substance and feeding the addiction to help control an undiagnosed mental health disorder. If this is the case, an addicted individual will need dual diagnosis treatment, like the one offered at Northpoint Colorado.

We Are Ready To Help Free You From Addiction

Northpoint Colorado offers no-cost assessments and can The staff at Northpoint Colorado is always ready to hear from you about your situation or the situation of your loved one. If you believe these services could benefit you or a loved one, it is important to not hesitate.

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