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Northpoint Colorado Addiction Treatment Programs

We treat patients through evidence-based practices and collaborative care. Northpoint Colorado offers a safe environment for people to heal from behavioral health issues, substance use disorders, and co-occurring conditions involving both.

Our addiction treatment program

Our addiction treatment program was specifically opened to fill the void for much-needed detox services for the northern part of Colorado. Northpoint Colorado is located in Loveland and serves the metropolitan Denver area to the south, the Fort Collins area, and surrounding locations.

We provide a full continuum of integrated care at our treatment center for adult men and women with a variety of co-ed detox, inpatient, and outpatient treatment programs. Our highly regarded program is staffed with psychiatric providers, nurses, licensed therapists, and recovery technicians to provide care throughout your phases of treatment.

Some programs that differentiate Northpoint Colorado include:

  • Acudetox, which is an acupuncture protocol focused on five key pressure areas to decrease withdrawal discomfort. Acudetox is easily given in group settings with five needle treatments lasting 30-45 minutes and targeting specific locations on the ear. This non-verbal, drug-free, holistic treatment reduces cravings and stress release, making it well-received in the addiction treatment field.
  • Dietician-led groups to educate about the nutrition’s role with sobriety

Whether you’re looking for help for yourself, a loved one, or apatient, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you.

Medical Detox and Rehab: Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, and Outpatient Care

We offer same-day admissions, flexible treatment, and private rooms to our patients, so they can find healing from addiction in a safe and comfortable space. Following a no-cost assessment, patients may be recommended for any of our programs including medical detox, inpatient, partial hospitalization (PHP), or outpatient (IOP).

Medical detox and inpatient treatment occur over 28 days, with the patient staying on-site in one of our 64-bed private rooms. Men and women have separate wings with 32 individual rooms, along with an equipped gym for each wing.

Follow-up occurs with PHP and IOP for varying lengths of time, where the patient will continue to attend rehab programs, generally five days per week for PHP and three days each week for IOP. Patients can attend from a sober-living home or their own home, depending on their situation.

We All Have a Unique Story

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Rehab Program Highlights

Northpoint Colorado offers no-cost assessments and can provide same-day admissions for adult men and women.

Our research shows that those who complete detox and treatment together are less likely to relapse and more likely to stay sober longer. It’s also critical to have an aftercare plan for when rehab is complete, and it’s time to return to your natural environment.

Some of our unique offerings include

  • Medication-assisted detox and Vivitrol® services provided
  • Evidence-based treatment philosophy
  • A safe, therapeutic environment
  • Highly qualified, licensed clinical staff
  • A strong reputation for clinical excellence and healthcare quality
  • A modern, 64-bed, private room, inpatient facility with state-of-the-art medical technology
  • On-site kitchen, cafeteria, and two gyms with access to fitness and yoga programs
  • Strong alumni community with local events and online social media groups

Our Programs

Our inpatient detox and rehab program includes some essential services like:

Relapse prevention
Coping with cravings and preventing relapse will be part of your everyday routine in recovery. In rehab, you can learn how to incorporate these mechanisms into the future.
Medical Detox Program

Chemical addictions affect the body physically and withdrawal in an unsupervised environment can be dangerous, due to the risk of seizures, or even futile as a person relapses because they are unable to manage the uncomfortable side effects.

Our detox program allows patients to cleanse their bodies of dangerous toxins in a safe environment supervised by a clinical team of professionals. How do we accomplish this? Therapeutic activities andspecialized medications will be used to help you manage uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Medication-assisted detox and Vivitrol services are provided during detox to help with withdrawal symptoms and make patients more comfortable.

Once patients complete detox, which can be three to seven days depending on their physical condition, they will spend the remainder of the 28-day program in treatment for substance use disorders from alcohol, prescription medications, and legal and illegal drugs.

Residential Inpatient Program

Our Evidence-based treatment philosophy is taught by our highly qualified, licensed, clinical staff. We maintain our strong reputation for clinical excellence and healthcare quality.

As physical withdrawal symptoms dissipate, you’ll transition into rehab for the remainder of the 28-day program. This is where we will focus on the psychological aspects of your addiction. You’ll understand:

  • The root causes of your substance use
  • How to manage cravings that cause relapse
  • Retrain your brain to function normally without the drugs

Your thoughts and learned behaviors will all be addressed to help you gain a healthier approach to everyday life occurrences. You will gain valuable information with group therapy sessions as well as individual one-on-one therapy to examine your specific situation.

Patients will enjoy private rooms and be able to take advantage of the multiple gym spaces provided with fitness and yoga programs.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Northpoint Colorado’s PHP is part of the step-down tier of program offerings as patients gain treatment experience knowledge. During this phase, there remains a high level of care with group therapies and psychiatric care.

Patients attend PHP five days a week and the program generally lasts four to six weeks.

Intensive Outpatient Program

As patients progress through the previously mentioned phases, the goal remains to step down to be more prepared to resume life after treatment. This new level of living will be supported through all the assistance offered, education learned, and therapies explored in earlier parts of the program. IOP allows for the patient to be able to put into practice what they have learned, reconnect with their family, and build a new support group while still returning for scheduled support to maintain a sober lifestyle.

IOP involves group meetings three days a week and for a length of time specific to the patient’s program needs.

As Northpoint Colorado continually examines its program offerings, plans are on the horizon to eventually house both PHP and IOP in a separate treatment center for accessibility.

Aftercare With Alumni Programming and Activities

A major component in relapse prevention is maintaining a strong, positive social support group of people with like-minded goals. Northpoint Recovery’s alumni remain active through alumni social media groups, sober group outings, and weekly meetings that occur via Zoom, for the time being.

Process Groups
Sharing your story and hearing accounts about other patients' addiction battles is an integral component of the recovery journey. Process groups can help you see your own past from an open-minded perspective.

Find Sobriety Through Addiction Treatment at Northpoint Colorado

Northpoint Colorado offers a fully integrated treatment model from medical detox, to rehab treatment, to PHP, to IOP, to aftercare. Individualized plans developed through admission will determine the right path for you.

Our research shows that those who complete medical detox and treatment together are less likely to relapse and more likely to stay sober longer. It’s also critical to have an aftercare plan for when rehab is complete, and it’s time to return to your natural environment.

If you or a loved one are ready to seek treatment in acaring, experienced, evidence-based program with proven results, call us at Northpoint Recovery today at (970) 410-8228.


Which Substitute Drug Is Used in Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs?
Vivitrol is a non-sedating opioid blocker often used in heroin addiction treatment. It eliminates the need for daily dosing and is administered once a month.
How Well Do Treatment Programs Work for Drug Addiction?

Treatment programs are more effective with active participation from the intended receiver. Addiction treatment is not a recipe that guarantees results from even the most willing participant. It is an incredibly important component to helping a patient feel supported, gaining strength through treatment, and learning how to prepare for their sober way of life. When fully embraced with active participation, many people can move on to successful lives of sobriety and full wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

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