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Choosing the Right Therapy Program

with help from a professional a man is able to choose the right addiction therapy program for his needs

No matter the reason for going to substance rehab, therapy offers some essential treatment benefits. However, not everyone in treatment needs the same kind of help. What’s more, not all therapies have the same goals or support the same aspects of your recovery. Given these facts, how can you find addiction therapy programs that fit your or your loved one’s situation? In rehab, you will get help picking effective therapy options. This professional guidance steers you toward the options known to work best for your needs.

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What Is Therapy?

Therapy is a widely used abbreviation for psychotherapy. Treatment of this type uses conversation-based methods to help you regain your sobriety and stay sober. The psychotherapy used today is often focused on action as well as conversation. It not only seeks to help you talk through your problems. It also enables you to do such things as:

  • Understand the impact of those problems on your everyday life
  • Spot particular problems when they occur
  • Develop effective strategies for overcoming those problems
  • Address issues from your past that continue to affect you in negative ways today
  • Avoid relapsing in rehab or at any point after rehab
  • Resolve family issues that may contribute to your substance abuse or addiction

It’s sometimes known as behavioral therapy because it actively engages you in the rehab process. You may participate in a given therapy as part of a larger group of people. You may also take part by yourself rather than with your recovery peers.

Choosing the Right Type of Therapy: What Are Your Options?

Before choosing therapy programs, it helps to know what’s available to you. A well-designed rehab center will feature multiple potential options. Some of these options are used more than others. However, none of them provides you with every possible benefit of psychotherapy.

The one option most likely to form part of your treatment plan is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This term applies to a school of therapy that focuses on positive changes in your thinking and actions. Why do so many plans include cognitive-behavioral therapy? For starters, it can support recovery in a wide range of situations. It can also help you improve other aspects of your mental health. What’s more, CBT comes in a variety of useful subtypes.

The list of standard options also includes dialectical behavior therapy, a close relative of CBT. In addition, it includes family therapy, trauma therapy, and relapse prevention therapy. You may also have access to other less widely used options.

Picking the Right Therapy Program: How the Process Works

Choosing addiction therapies is a critical step in effective rehab. Fortunately, you don’t take on this crucial task by yourself. When you enter rehab, you’ll sit down with your treatment team and go over your options. While choosing the right therapy with you, your team will look at factors such as:

  • Your particular substance problems
  • Whether or not you also have other mental health issues
  • Your odds of relapsing while in treatment
  • Any past exposure to highly traumatic events or situations
  • The extent of any conflicts you have with your family

When choosing addiction therapies, your personal preferences also matter.

Get Started on Choosing the Right Therapy Today at Northpoint Colorado

Picking the right therapy program takes time and effort. But ideally, the end result is a plan that helps you get the full benefits of your rehab experience. Want to know more about choosing therapy programs? The helpful staff at Northpoint Colorado is here for you. We’re happy to explain the process and how it applies to you or your loved one. We’re also happy to explain the details of our customized therapy programs. Just call us today at 888.231.1281 or reach out to us online.