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Find An Alcohol Treatment Center In Loveland, CO

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Larimer County, CO, home to the City of Loveland, has its fair share of substance problems. About a quarter of the county’s adults binge on alcohol. In addition, roughly one in 10 adults qualifies as a heavy drinker. Both of these practices can put you or your loved one on the path to a diagnosis of alcohol use disorder (AUD). With help from rehab professionals, you can recover from the effects of AUD. And ideally, that help will come from a local alcohol treatment center in Loveland, CO.

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Binge Drinking, Heavy Drinking, and the Need for a Loveland Alcohol Treatment Center

Two patterns of alcohol use are known for their ability to increase your addiction risks. The first of these patterns is binge drinking, i.e., drinking to the point of drunkenness in a brief amount of time. For men, this typically means consuming at least five servings of alcohol in roughly two hours. For women, it typically means consuming at least four servings in the same general timespan.

The second pattern, heavy drinking, also has recognized thresholds for men and women. Men cross this threshold by either:

  • Drinking at least five alcohol servings on any given day
  • Consuming at least 15 servings over the course of an entire week

For women, the daily and weekly totals are four-plus servings and eight-plus servings, respectively.

You can binge on alcohol without developing AUD. You can also potentially avoid a diagnosis if you drink heavily. However, these actions clearly boost your AUD risks. That’s especially true if you binge often or have a regular habit of heavy drinking.

What Are the Benefits of Alcohol Treatment in Loveland, CO?

Why should you try to find an alcohol treatment center in Loveland, CO? Part of the motivation for seeking help is the same no matter where you live. That motivation centers around your desire to regain your sobriety.

A complete course of rehab can help you meet all of the important milestones of alcohol recovery. That includes such things as:

  • Breaking your existing pattern of habitual drinking
  • Detoxing from alcohol and reaching full sobriety
  • Staying alcohol-free as you reinforce your sobriety with therapy and medication
  • Creating a sober lifestyle that can endure after treatment ends

There’s also an important reason for seeking a local rehab provider. Recovery is more manageable to undertake when it’s convenient and accessible to you. By getting help at a Loveland alcohol treatment center, you help ensure that you benefit from that convenience and accessibility.

How to Find an Alcohol Treatment Center in Loveland, CO

Are you looking for alcohol treatment in Loveland? Try enlisting the help of your primary care physician. Your doctor can help you decide if you need AUD treatment. They can also provide you with any necessary treatment referrals.

Local alcohol rehab centers are another prime source of information. With their help, you can not only get an initial assessment and AUD diagnosis. You can also set up a customized recovery plan after enrolling in your treatment program.

Enroll Today at Northpoint Recovery’s Loveland Alcohol Treatment Center

Are you or your loved one trying to find an alcohol treatment center in Loveland, CO? Northpoint Recovery is located at 4565 Kendall Parkway, just south of Northern Colorado Regional Airport. Nearby routes that will send you in our direction include I-25, East Eisenhower Blvd., and Boyd Lake Ave.

When you arrive, you find a full slate of alcohol recovery options, including detox and treatment in multiple settings. All detox and treatment plans are customized for your circumstances. Call us today at 888.231.1281 to enroll or get more information. You can also reach us through our online form.