Our Frontline Program Focuses on Those Who Serve

Treatment designed to address specific needs of Frontline Workers

We use an evidence-based treatment approach with programming tailored to the stress and trauma that can turn into mental health conditions and Substance Use Disorders.

Personalized Treatment

Frontline first responders and healthcare workers experience many stressful and traumatic events. Our recent pandemic has placed even more pressure on them.

Traumatic events tend to cause complications for those who have witnessed them. At times, this can result in mental health or substance use problems. These events are often normalized in these professions, and the witnesses are expected to be OK as it is part of the job.

Also, negative and often unfair beliefs about mental health and substance misuse can create an environment that doesn’t support frontline workers in getting the help they need.

Northpoint Colorado understands the unique challenges first responders and healthcare workers face. That’s why we created our Frontline Program.

We All Have a Unique Story

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What Does Our Frontline Program Offer?

Our Frontline Program’s mission is to help any frontline first responders and healthcare workers who are misusing illegal drugs, prescription medications, and/or alcohol. We find great importance in offering services catered to those who serve us on the front lines.

The Frontline Program is meant to improve their quality of life and help them return to productive and unrestricted duty after struggling with mental health or substance use disorders.

Our Frontline Program currently offers the following:

  • Evidence-based treatment

  • Treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions

  • Treatment for symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Medication-assisted detox

  • Inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare programs

  • Individual, group, and family therapy

  • A modern, 64-bed inpatient facility with private rooms and cutting-edge medical technology

Let’s figure out which program is best for you

Many times, our frontline first responders and healthcare workers are forgotten about. They’re expected to help others selflessly every single day. These expectations can lead them to forget about taking care of themselves, so we are here to help fill that need.

Our Frontline Program bridges the gap between our frontline first responders and treatment.

Frontline Program Benefits

The Frontline Program offers many benefits. During the program, you’ll:

  • Learn coping skills and ways to manage cravings and triggers.
  • Learn to manage mental health issues.
  • Improve your overall health.
  • Live without depending on drugs and alcohol.
  • Restore relationships with those you love.

Our Continuum Of Care


- Cleanse -

Northpoint Colorado offers inpatient supervised detox to help ease withdrawal symptoms and more safely cleanse the body of toxins from drugs or alcohol in a clinical setting.

Specialized medications and therapeutic exercises are tools we use to help manage discomfort.

Inpatient Rehab

- Understand -

Once withdrawal symptoms subside, patients will shift into the next phase of treatment which is rehab.

During this phase, our team will focus on any underlying mental conditions or psychological triggers that contribute to alcohol or drug use.

Using specialized group and individual therapy, we will provide coping skills and tools to live without drugs or alcohol and manage cravings that could lead to relapse.

Outpatient Rehab

- Apply -

At Northpoint Colorado, we provide outpatient programming that will help step down from residential treatment or provide a more flexible treatment program.

Our outpatient treatment still provides essential therapy and support to those starting in outpatient or continuing to apply the skills and tools patients learned in inpatient treatment.

We offer two outpatient programs – PHP & IOP.

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Medicated Detox

Preventing relapse and getting you through the alcohol withdrawal phase is critical to your success

Can prevent the onset of severe withdrawal symptoms
Proven to boost recovery success rates from 20% to 50%
Helps to relieve withdrawal symptoms, including alcohol cravings
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“NorthPoint changed my life. The staff (Counselors, Nurses and Techs) are amazing and provide great care. I felt like I was their priority. The facility is warm and welcoming. Meals are wholesome and of good variety. Dietary needs are met as required. My life today is amazing, thanks to NorthPoint.”

Substance Use Disorder Warning Signs

Early detection increases the chances of successful treatment. You may wonder how you can detect that a frontline worker needs help.

There are some common signs to look out for if you think a frontline worker may be misusing substances or may already suffer from substance use disorder. Some of these signs include:

Do you believe a fellow frontline worker may have a substance use disorder, or do any of these signs sound familiar?

If you answered yes, please refer them for a free clinical assessment at Northpoint Colorado.

  • Decreased energy

  • Unexplained injuries

  • Irritability and mood swings

  • Financial problems

  • Poor work performance

  • Relationship problems

  • Poor personal hygiene

  • Denial of a substance use problem

Our Colorado Location

Northpoint Colorado’s rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction is a beautiful and modern 64 room facility located in Loveland, Colorado. We pride ourselves on establishing a feeling of safety and security from the moment you enter our front door. View our virtual tour and photo gallery for a realistic idea of the facility’s features and amenities.

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How Much Does Detox & Rehab Cost?

Minimizing the amount you’ll have to spend

The cost of detox & treatment at Northpoint Colorado is different for everyone since our recovery plans are completely individualized. Each person’s treatment is based on their specific medical needs, history, and underlying mental health conditions. With that being said, we work with most insurance providers in the U.S. to help you minimize out of pocket expenses. To see if your insurance provider will cover your treatment, please verify your insurance.

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