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Signs Your Loved One Needs Cocaine Addiction Treatment

two people hold hands and talk about signs your loved one needs cocaine addiction treatment

If someone you know uses cocaine, they’re on a potential path to serious problems. That’s true because both forms of this stimulant drug are highly addictive. In fact, a high percentage of those who use it eventually find themselves in need of cocaine addiction treatment. Some people addicted to cocaine can recover in outpatient rehab. However, others need the added resources found in residential or inpatient rehab. A few warning signs may help you determine when cocaine addiction treatment is needed.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Cocaine Addiction Treatment – Potential Concerns

People addicted to cocaine have an illness called stimulant use disorder. The definition of this disorder also includes non-addicted abuse of stimulants that leads to serious personal harm. Cocaine addiction and cocaine abuse often occur together. You may notice signs of either problem in your loved one, including such things as:

  • Frequent cocaine use on any given day
  • Levels of cocaine use that increase over time
  • Attempts to quit using cocaine that repeatedly fail
  • Denial that their cocaine use is leading to serious harm
  • Loss of interest in leisure activities that don’t include cocaine use
  • Recurring cravings for cocaine when they’re not using the drug
  • Irritability, paranoia, fatigue, and other indicators of cocaine withdrawal

Abuse symptoms matter just as much as addiction symptoms. Both problems can lead to stimulant use disorder and a need for cocaine rehab.

Other Indications That Cocaine Addiction Treatment Is Required

Some of the signs your loved one needs cocaine addiction treatment are official stimulant use disorder criteria. However, you may also notice other things that point to a possible need for help. These indirect signs can manifest as changes in how your loved one looks, behaves, or thinks. They include such things as:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Poor hygiene
  • Unexplained periods of hyperactivity
  • Not eating or sleeping for extended amounts of time
  • Bouts of extreme talkativeness
  • Declining communication with you or other loved ones
  • Unusual money problems
  • Uncharacteristic acts of theft or deceit

All of these issues have a range of potential causes. They may have nothing to do with cocaine use or the use of any other drug. Still, they might be cause for concern. That’s especially true if several of these changes occur together or over a brief span of time.

The Need for Inpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment Vs. Outpatient Treatment

Most people addicted to cocaine or any other substance don’t need inpatient treatment. Instead, they need an outpatient plan that provides a certain amount of treatment each week. But, in some cases, your loved one may require inpatient cocaine addiction treatment.

What determines the need for inpatient vs. outpatient cocaine rehab? The single biggest factor is the number of stimulant use disorder symptoms your loved one has. Anyone with two to five total symptoms will likely get enough help in outpatient treatment. But if your loved one has at least six symptoms, they can expect to enroll in inpatient care. For various reasons, they may also need inpatient treatment if they have fewer than six symptoms.

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Does your loved one use cocaine? If so, it’s wise to ask yourself: When is cocaine addiction treatment needed? The answer to this question can help you spot potential problems before they escalate to addiction. They can also help you determine if your loved one already needs a treatment program.

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