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Self-Care Activities To Help Combat Anxiety

a person relaxes in a chair overlooking a city to show self-care activities to help combat anxiety

Anxiety is a notable presence in the lives of many Americans. Its impact on your ability to function can vary. Some people only experience mild or occasional bouts of anxiousness. However, others are so strongly affected that they need the help of an anxiety treatment program. In both situations, you can take steps to effectively support your mental well-being. Self-care activities to help combat anxiety take a number of forms. No matter your circumstances, you’ll likely find options that work for your benefit.

Activities for Anxiety – Get Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the most universal recommendations for combatting anxiety. Moderate-intensity activities such as going for a brisk walk can help you:

  • Decrease your sense of anxiety by easing muscle tension
  • Distract yourself from whatever’s making you feel anxious
  • Release brain chemicals that naturally decrease anxiety
  • Support the mental functions needed to control your emotions
  • Improve your ability to tolerate stress

You don’t have to set grand goals to gain the anti-anxiety benefits of exercise. In fact, it’s much better to set realistic goals that you can follow through on from week to week.

Take Up Stress Relief Activities to Help Anxiety

Aerobic exercise is not your only source of anxiety relief. You can also take part in other activities that help ease stressful feelings. Self-care activities that help combat anxiety by lowering stress include breathing exercises and mindful meditation. They also include tai chi and yoga. Today, there are plenty of DIY resources available to help you explore your chosen option. If you like, you can also enroll in a formal class or take a stress management course.

Identifying What Makes You Anxious as a Self-Care Activity for Anxiety

Self-knowledge is a must for anyone hoping to ease their feelings of anxiety. And one of the most essential forms of self-knowledge is awareness of what makes you feel anxious. How can you achieve this awareness?

Many experts recommend creating an anxiety or stress journal. You can use this journal to make a note of the things that increase your feelings of anxiousness. Whether it’s a specific situation, a place, or a thought or image, write it down. You can also write down what you did in response to the source of your anxiety.

Gradually, you’ll identify patterns that you can track over time. On its own, knowledge of these patterns may help you feel more in control. You can also use this knowledge to make helpful changes in your daily lifestyle.

Activities for Anxiety – Making Helpful Changes

What kinds of lifestyle changes can help you control your anxiety levels? That depends on your situation. Specific changes that may help in your particular case include such things as:

  • Limiting your intake of junk food
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Avoiding drug use
  • Making more social contact with others
  • Including periods of rest in your busy daily schedule

You might also try increasing your use of positive self-talk. Affirming statements to yourself are known to have benefits for anxiety control.

Start Combating Anxiety by Calling Northpoint Colorado

Activities to help anxiety are powerful tools for effective self-care. Regular use of these activities may help you avoid developing a serious, anxiety-based condition. And if you already have such a condition, self-care can reinforce the benefits of a formal treatment plan.

Want more information on self-care activity for anxiety? Talk to the professionals at Northpoint Colorado. Every day, we help people in substance recovery cope with the effects of harmful anxiety. With our support, you can improve your own coping efforts before, during, or after enrollment in a treatment program. Just call us today at 888.231.1281 or get in touch with us online.