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When To Do a Drug Detox

a person sits on a couch and wonders when to do a drug detox

Drug use is inherently dangerous. Uncontrolled intake of any stimulant, opioid, or sedative can alter your life in ways that make you dysfunctional. It can also eventually lead to a case of clinical drug addiction. If addiction is present, a drug detox center can help you break the cycle of involuntary substance use. But, like many people, you may wonder specifically when to do a drug detox. Telltale signs of a problem can provide you with a preliminary answer to this question. A doctor’s assessment will provide you with a more definitive answer.

Signs to Do a Drug Detox – You Can No Longer Control Your Level of Intake

One of the keys to knowing when to get a drug detox is your relative ability to control your intake. Loss of this control is a classic addiction indicator. Depending on your situation, this can mean:

  • Using more of a drug than you meant to during a single episode
  • Taking a drug more often than you meant to
  • Having difficulty controlling both your rate and amount of use

If you notice any of these issues, enrollment in drug detox is a common recommendation.

When to Do a Drug Detox – Compulsive Seeking of More Drugs to Use

When you’re addicted to a drug, your brain expects you to keep using it. It also makes you change in ways that support this expectation. One of the key changes is known as compulsive drug-seeking.

People affected by this addiction indicator feel compelled to find more drugs to use. In other words, they have an involuntary urge that overrides their normal behavior patterns. Is this kind of urge driving your everyday actions? If so, a detox program is the best way to start undoing its effects on you.

When to Get a Drug Detox – Lack of Concern for the Consequences of Your Behavior

Compulsive drug-seeking can damage multiple areas of your life. Depending on your situation, that may include your:

  • Home routines
  • Important relationships
  • Work performance
  • School performance

Usually, harmful consequences in these areas would tend to alarm you. But if you’re affected by addiction, they may not. Why? Lack of concern over the fallout of drug use is a common sign that addiction is present. It also indicates when to go to a drug detox program. However, there’s a good chance that you’ll miss this sign or ignore it. In fact, you may not pick up on it unless someone else notices it first.

A Doctor or Addiction Specialist Can Tell You When to Go to a Drug Detox Program

Have you or your loved ones concluded that you may need a drug detox program? If so, it’s time to sit down and talk with your doctor or an addiction specialist. These experts can assess your condition. This means, in part, identifying any substance problems affecting you. That includes addiction. A finding of addiction puts you on a course for drug detox. Once in detox, you can get help for the specific problem impacting you.

Still Wondering When to Do a Drug Detox? Call Northpoint Colorado Today

Want to find out more about the signs to do a drug detox? Seek guidance today from the specialists at Northpoint Colorado. We’re happy to explain the full criteria for entry into a substance detox program.

The team at Northpoint can also assess your detox needs and recommend a suitable program. What’s more, we feature customized options for detox from any addictive drug. Want to know more about our personalized options for halting the cycle of addiction? Just call us today at 888.231.1281 or contact us through our online form.