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What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program and How Does It Work?

a person raises their hand in a group setting at a Partial hospitalization program

Many people with drug or alcohol use disorders recover in an outpatient rehab program. However, there is not just one kind of outpatient program. Instead, there are multiple types of programs designed for people with specific levels of need. One such option is a partial hospitalization program or PHP. People in PHPs need a high level of care during their recovery. However, they don’t require the 24/7 treatment provided by residential programs.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

PHP, also known as partial hospital programs, is the most intensive option for outpatient rehab. They’re designed for people who meet specific criteria. These criteria include:

  • Moderate-to-severe symptoms of substance and, or including mental health problems
  • A stable home environment
  • The presence of unstable mental and, or including physical health issues
  • A need for frequent oversight and symptom management
  • The absence of symptoms severe enough to require residential treatment

You live at home while enrolled in a PHP. You receive at least 20 hours of treatment at your rehab facility weekly. Most people undergo this treatment three to five days a week. Some PHPs exist in their own dedicated buildings. Others are part of larger rehab or medical facilities.

Services Provided in a Partial Hospitalization Program

All partial hospital programs provide access to the two main options for addiction treatment: medication and psychotherapy. Not everyone enrolled in these programs receives medication. However, today, the use of therapy is universal. Your specific medication and therapy options depend on the particular form of addiction affecting you.

PHPs provide other services, as well. Everyone participating in these programs has access to medical and psychiatric support. They also have access to supporting laboratory services.

Who Works in Partial Hospitalization Programs?

Multiple kinds of treatment professionals work in any given partial hospitalization program. These professionals include doctors, therapists, and counselors, as in other outpatient rehab programs. PHPs also feature some additional personnel. The list of these personnel includes psychiatrists, emergency service providers, toxicologists, and lab techs. The treatment model in PHPs is interdisciplinary, meaning that all staff members work together to provide you with expert care.

What Happens in the Typical Day at a Partial Hospitalization Program?

What happens when you visit your PHP facility for treatment? The details of treatment vary from person to person. However, common elements typically include:

  • A daily check-in when you arrive
  • An assessment of your current condition
  • Participation in group and or including individual therapy
  • Appropriate use of medication

As a rule, you will participate in treatment for several hours on any given day.

Determining If You Qualify for a PHP

How can you tell if you qualify for a partial hospitalization program? When you first enter treatment, you will undergo an initial assessment. This assessment will help determine if a PHP is right for you. Be aware that you may not start your recovery in a PHP. Instead, you may transition into one at a later time. Some people transition into PHPs from a less intense outpatient option. Others make the transition from a residential or inpatient rehab program.

Learn More About Partial Hospitalization Programs at Northpoint Colorado

What is a partial hospitalization program? Contact the addiction specialists at Northpoint Recovery for detailed answers to this question. We’ll help you get a complete picture of how PHPs work. We can also help you determine if they fit your specific needs in substance recovery.

Northpoint Colorado offers comprehensive PHP services. These services allow you to recover from the effects of serious addiction. They also allow you to recover from the mental health issues often accompanying addiction. All care at Northpoint Colorado is customized to fit your particular situation. To learn more, call us at 888.231.1281 or complete our online message form.