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Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse In A Friend

a friend comforts a friend showing signs of prescription drug abuse in a friend

Many of America’s most widely used medications are only available by prescription. This is true for multiple reasons. One of the most common reasons is the potential for any given medication to trigger addiction. Still, despite the precautions against improper use, millions of people take prescription drugs in dangerous ways. With statistics like these, many Americans know someone affected by this issue. Is that true for you? You may be able to answer that question if you pay attention to common signs of a problem. Ultimately, your friend may need prescription drug addiction treatment. Contact Northpoint Colorado at 888.231.1281 if you need substance use programs.

Why Are Prescription Drug Abuse Signs Significant?

Why is it important to understand the signs of prescription drug abuse in a friend? When anyone misuses an addictive medication, their level of risk for future problems increases. That’s true because misuse undoes the protections put in place to keep medication users safe. These protections work by:

  • Limiting the number of people with access to addictive medicines
  • Spacing out the time between medication doses
  • Limiting the amount of a medication taken in a single dose
  • Setting a cap on how long anyone can use a medication

If your friend takes a prescription drug improperly, they’ve abandoned at least some of these practices. This means that they’re more likely to develop medication dependence. In turn, dependence increases the risk of clinical addiction.

Staying Alert to the Most Likely Signs of Prescription Drug Use in a Friend

Through close observation, you may recognize a pattern of prescription drug misuse in a friend. What should you focus on? The most likely signs of a pattern of misuse include:

  • Taking a prescription drug more than a few times per day
  • Consuming unusually large doses of that drug
  • Turning to a third party to get more of a drug instead of a doctor
  • Obtaining prescriptions for the same drug from more than one doctor
  • Looking for ways to make a drug work faster or produce more intense effects

Even one of these prescription drug abuse signs may indicate that your friend needs help. Multiple signs at the same time are even more of a cause for concern.

The same is true for any actual symptoms of prescription drug addiction. What kinds of symptoms are common? People addicted to any substance typically feel compelled to obtain more of that substance. To get it, they tend to ignore the potentially severe consequences of their actions. Withdrawal and rising tolerance to a medication’s effects are also widespread symptoms of prescription drug addiction.

How Your Friend Can Benefit from Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription drug addiction treatment can help any affected person regain their sobriety. The methods used in a treatment plan aren’t always the same. However, they typically include therapy that supports behavior and lifestyle changes. Your friend may also need medication if the source of their addiction is a prescription opioid. Treatment options are available for mild, moderate, and severe addiction. Your friend may also benefit from help for problems that don’t directly stem from clinical addiction.

Do You Suspect Prescription Drug Abuse in a Friend? Reach Out to Northpoint Today

Want to know more about detecting prescription drug problems in a friend or loved one? The professionals at Northpoint Colorado can help you deepen your understanding of the significance of these problems. We can also help you take the next steps if your friend or loved one needs treatment.

Has your friend received an addiction diagnosis? Northpoint Colorado can support their recovery with a customized course of appropriate care. Call us today at 888.231.1281 for details on our enrollment process. You can also fill out our online message form.