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A Retreat Away from Denver

Mental Health Retreat Colorado

A sterling treatment facility surrounded by one of the most stunning natural settings on Earth makes for a winning combination in the pursuit of lasting sobriety and lifelong wellness. That is why Northpoint Colorado in Loveland represents one of the best mental health retreats in Colorado.

About an hour’s drive up I-25 North from downtown Denver stands Northpoint Colorado, a 64-bed inpatient addiction and mental health treatment facility with a reputation for clinical excellence and compassionate, individualized care.

While Northpoint Colorado presents an ideal setting in which to engage in recovery, its distance from the Mile High City has provided a refuge for those looking to remove themselves from the environment that contributed to their addictive behavior. Meanwhile, nearby Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park provide an ideal backdrop to people embarking on a mental health retreat in Colorado.

About Northpoint Colorado

Offering a full continuum of behavioral health care for those in and around Colorado—including the greater Denver metropolitan area, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, as well as the nearby communities of Fort Morgan, Boulder, and Johnstown—the addiction treatment programs offered at Northpoint Colorado serve adults living with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders.

With a range of distinct treatment options, Northpoint Colorado tailors each aspect of the client’s treatment plans to their individual physical and mental health needs. Our 28-day inpatient treatment program, for instance, offers clients a safe and comfortable environment in which to pursue their recovery.

Our modern 64-room facility boasts comfortable rooms and cutting-edge medical technology to provide the sort of safe and therapeutic environment necessary to engage in an effective mental health retreat in Colorado. It is here that clients learn to avoid relapse and identify their personal triggers–that is, stimuli that elicit an adverse or negative reaction, weakening one’s resolve to get better.

Perhaps most importantly, our licensed clinical staff is dedicated to saving lives and restoring relationships through comprehensive treatment services and high-quality care. Our staff embodies Northpoint Recovery’s core values of remaining inspired and humble and displaying conviction and heart. As a result, our reputation for quality healthcare and clinical excellence is second to none.

Northpoint Colorado is an in-network facility with a wide variety of commercial insurers. Our administrative staff can help potential clients with their insurance networks to secure for them the best possible coverage and low out-of-pocket expenses.

About Loveland, Colorado

The natural beauty of Loveland, Colorado makes for the perfect therapeutic backdrop for recovery. Being surrounded by scenic landscapes like the Rocky Mountains tends to promote and enhance the healing process, offering a sense of peace, perspective, and connection with nature.

Loveland’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains provides ample opportunities for a number of outdoor adventures, which can be crucial for many in active recovery. Loveland’s Recreation Trail, also known as “the Loveland Loop,” is used year-round. This paved trail is 23 miles long and is in fact five different trail sections that circle the entire city of Loveland, passing through at least seven parks and open space areas, including Boyd Lake State Park.

Hiking, biking, and exploring nature trails not only contribute to one’s physical well-being, these heart-pumping activities also promote mental and emotional healing and boost one’s self-esteem. Of course, Loveland’s wealth of healthy dining options, fitness facilities, and farmers’ markets can also help those in their quest to adopt healthier personal habits.

Along with Northpoint Colorado’s outpatient treatment offerings, Loveland is the home of numerous 12-Step meetings and groups offering a supportive network for those in recovery. Connecting with others with similar experiences can be a crucial component of recovery, providing inspiration, guidance, accountability, and a sense of community, or the feeling that one is not alone in their challenges. What’s more, Loveland’s vibrant arts scene can serve as a source of inspiration and positivity.

We’re Ready When You Are

With its residential and outpatient treatment offerings, Northpoint Colorado offers a full continuum of behavioral health care for those living with mental health disorders and addictions. It is our privilege to provide a holistic and supportive destination for people seeking recovery.

And with its combination of therapeutic environments, various outdoor activities, and a supportive community, the city Loveland itself is conducive to healing and self-discovery, making for an ideal getaway destination for those seeking a mental health retreat in Colorado.

Have more questions about our treatments? Call Northpoint Colorado today at 970.627.6316. We’re also available online through our information form. We want to help you succeed in recovery and wellness.