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Identifying Prescription Drug Abuse

a person opens a prescription bottle while identifying prescription drug abuse

Do you suspect someone you know is misusing a medication that could lead to addiction? If so, they might be engaging in what’s known as prescription drug abuse. This behavior is unfortunately common among Americans, with many facing this struggle daily. Recognizing a pattern of prescription drug abuse is crucial. Those misusing addictive medications may require prescription drug addiction treatment now or in the future.

Prescription drug abuse is a serious issue that affects individuals of all ages and backgrounds. It can start innocently enough, with a legitimate need for medication to manage pain or treat a medical condition. However, over time, some people may begin to abuse these medications by taking more than prescribed or using them for non-medical reasons. If you or someone you love has trouble with medication misuse, contact Northpoint Colorado at 888.231.1281 today.

The Significance of Prescription Drug Abuse Signs

Signs of prescription drug abuse hold significant implications in two distinct yet closely linked manners. Initially, they indicate a misuse pattern that poses a threat of severe issues in the future. You or an acquaintance may slip into this pattern by engaging in actions such as:

  • Fail to follow the dosage restrictions established by the prescribing doctor
  • Take your medication for its recreational effects, not its treatment benefits
  • Use a medication prescribed to another person
  • Try to get the same medication from two or more doctors at the same time
  • Purchase your medication from anyone besides a licensed pharmacist

One possible outcome of such actions is a formal diagnosis of prescription drug abuse. Clinical addiction may not be evident in individuals with this diagnosis, yet their misuse of medication has resulted in significant life disruptions. Recognizing prescription drug abuse in this context is crucial for effective treatment.

What Are Typical Prescription Drug Addiction Signs?

Diagnosable prescription drug abuse and medication addiction are intertwined, representing different facets of a broader health concern. However, recovery experts emphasize the significance of recognizing prescription drug addiction. Why? Clinical addiction typically results in more severe complications compared to dysfunctional drug abuse.

What do professionals look for when identifying prescription drug addiction? The most common signs include:

  • Loss of control over medication use
  • Increasing tolerance leading to higher doses for desired effects
  • Daily focus on obtaining or using medication
  • Denial of harm from medication misuse
  • Withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuation

Overlapping signs of addiction and abuse may affect you or your loved one. They can be treated together in a recovery program.

Do You Need Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse?

Determining the severity of prescription drug abuse signs that warrant treatment can be challenging. Initiating an open dialogue with your doctor serves as a crucial initial step. Alternatively, seeking guidance from an addiction specialist is also valuable. These experts possess the necessary expertise to evaluate the gravity of your situation.

A comprehensive assessment involves identifying indications of problematic medication use and potential signs of prescription drug addiction. The findings determine the necessity for assistance and specify the level of intervention required to facilitate a successful recovery.

Enroll in Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Today at Northpoint

Swiftly recognizing prescription drug abuse is crucial. Taking prompt action can prevent potential serious issues and ensure appropriate treatment for existing problems. This principle applies similarly to identifying clinical medication addiction. Northpoint Colorado is an addiction treatment center that can address a variety of substance use and co-occurring disorders.

At Northpoint Colorado, we offer personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes evidence-based therapies to help clients overcome prescription drug addiction and any underlying issues contributing to their misuse.

Are you seeking assistance in identifying present or future concerns? The dedicated team at Northpoint Colorado is ready to provide the help you require. For further details, contact us today at 888.231.1281 or complete our online form.