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How To Get Help With Alcohol Addiction

a person looks on their phone how to get help with alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction treatment is America’s number one need among people looking for effective rehab programs. This makes sense since more people are affected by alcohol problems than any other substance-related issue. Still, year in and year out, many of those who would benefit from alcohol treatment never get it. How can you find the help you need and get your recovery started as soon as possible? As it turns out, several steps can move you closer to entry into a suitable program.

How to Get Help with Alcohol Addiction – Start with a Proper Diagnosis

How to get help with alcohol addiction? The first step is ensuring this is the kind of help you need. Not everyone dealing with an alcohol problem is addicted to drinking. Instead, some have separate symptoms of alcohol-related substance abuse. That’s the name for a pattern drinking that:

  • Significantly decreases your day-to-day function
  • Does not trigger withdrawal, compulsive use, or other addiction symptoms
  • Substance abuse is sometimes separate from addiction. You may also experience its effects in addition to addiction

How can you tell if you need help? Regardless of your situation, start with a proper diagnosis of your condition. You have two main options for such a diagnosis: your everyday doctor or a specialist in addiction treatment. Whichever option you choose, you’ll undergo testing that determines if you meet the criteria for addiction or substance abuse. If you do meet these criteria, you can get a recommendation for a suitable treatment program.

How to Get Alcohol Addiction Treatment – Choosing the Right Level of Recovery Support

When pondering how to get help with addiction, it’s crucial to consider the extent of your problems. Why? There are multiple levels of recovery support for substance problems, including:

  • Routine or standard outpatient care
  • Intensive outpatient care
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Residential or inpatient care

When you pick the right level, your chances of succeeding in rehab get a major boost. In stark contrast, an unsuitable treatment level can hinder your efforts or even totally derail them.

People mildly affected by alcoholism tend to do well in routine outpatient programs. If you have moderate or moderate-to-severe problems, you may need an intensive outpatient program. However, you may also be a better fit for partial hospitalization. A severe case of alcoholism typically calls for residential or inpatient treatment. For various reasons, the best option for you may also depend on other factors. Your doctor and rehab provider can help you make an appropriate choice.

How to Get Help with Addiction – Stick to Your Rehab Plan

The question of how to get help with alcohol addiction also carries over into rehab itself. As a rule, you’ll experience the best outcomes when you fully jump into the treatment process. Among other things, that means sticking to the rehab plan created by you and your recovery team. If you’re affected by alcoholism, such a plan typically starts with a period of alcohol detox. Upon completion of detox, you can start active alcohol treatment, which usually includes medication and therapy.

Start Your Recovery from Alcohol Addiction at Northpoint Colorado

Getting help for alcohol addiction is a process. That process starts with an accurate diagnosis of your condition. It continues with the selection of an appropriate treatment program. And once enrolled in treatment, you must actively pursue the goals of your rehab plan.

Have more questions about how to get the help you need? Northpoint Colorado’s team of specialists is standing by to answer them. We’re also your source for all levels of modern alcohol rehab. Just call us today at 888.231.1281 or contact us online via our brief message form.