How Long Does it Take to Detox from Fentanyl?

a person sits on a couch during Fentanyl detox

Fentanyl is one of the most potent opioid substances ever created. If you abuse this medication, you can easily become addicted to it. That’s true whether you take it in its legally or illegally produced form. For anyone affected by addiction, fentanyl treatment is preceded by a detox and withdrawal period. The time needed to complete fentanyl detox is not the same in all cases. However, it’s possible to provide a rough estimate of how long you’ll need to reach initial sobriety.

The Impact of Half-Life During a Detox from Fentanyl

Several factors impact how much time you need to complete fentanyl detox. One of these factors is the medication’s half-life. Half-life is a measure of the amount of time it takes for 50% of a substance to leave your system.

Fentanyl has a half-life of anywhere from three hours to seven hours. In other words, within that time frame, half of a given dose of the medication will leave your system. Your body will eliminate half of the remaining amount of fentanyl in the next three to seven hours. This process is repeated until all of the medication has left your bloodstream.

What does this mean when it comes to detoxing from fentanyl? You can expect to feel the first effects of withdrawal in as little as 12 hours. However, it may take up to 30 hours for fentanyl withdrawal to begin.

Active Withdrawal Symptoms when Detoxing from Fentanyl

Fentanyl withdrawal typically produces multiple overlapping symptoms. Common examples of these symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in your muscles and bones
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Nausea, often accompanied by vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • A runny nose
  • Powerful urges to use more fentanyl

Compared to some opioids, fentanyl is relatively short-acting. For this reason, it usually only takes about a day for your withdrawal symptoms to reach their peak. During this peak period, you will likely feel profoundly uncomfortable. Over the next few days, your symptoms will gradually grow less intense. Most people complete the fentanyl detox process within a week.

Lingering Effects of Fentanyl Detox

Be aware that you may continue to feel some lingering effects of fentanyl withdrawal for weeks or even months. As a rule, these effects are psychological. They can include such things as:

  • Depression
  • Ongoing cravings for fentanyl
  • Bouts of anxiety or panic
  • Continuing sleep disruptions
  • An unstable mood

These kinds of issues are much more likely if you have abused fentanyl heavily for extended amounts of time.

Factors that Affect How Long It Takes to Detox From Fentanyl

Exactly how long does fentanyl detox take? That depends on certain key details of your situation. Specific factors that have an impact on detoxing from fentanyl include:

  • The size of the fentanyl dose you typically consumed
  • How often you have used the medication per day
  • The overall duration of your fentanyl abuse

Other factors may also play an important role. For example, your genetic makeup may speed up or slow down the rate of fentanyl withdrawal.

Seek Safe, Effective Fentanyl Detox at Northpoint Colorado

The best way to detox from fentanyl is by entering a comprehensive detox program. This kind of program will help decrease the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms as much as possible. It will also protect your health at all times.

At Northpoint Colorado, we feature a full range of addiction recovery services. With our help, you can safely detox from fentanyl. You can also follow up fentanyl detox with our fully customized rehab program. To learn more about detox and rehab at Northpoint Colorado, call us today at 970.579.4569. We’re also available through our online contact form.