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How Long Does a PHP Last?

how long does a php last

If you’re seriously affected by addiction, you need more help to recover than someone with less severe symptoms. To get this help, you may require a residential treatment program. However, for some people, there is an outpatient alternative to residential rehab. This alternative is known as a partial hospitalization program (PHP). Not everyone enrolled in a PHP receives the same amount of weekly care. In addition, not everyone is enrolled for the same overall amount of time. Still, you can get a rough estimate of the likely limits of your stay in this program.

Defining a Partial Hospitalization Program

What exactly is PHP? Today, all forms of addiction treatment belong to what’s known as a continuum of care. At one end of this continuum are standard outpatient programs. At the other end are medically managed, intensive inpatient programs.

Partial hospitalization is the most extensive form of outpatient rehab available. Adults and teens enrolled in a PHP don’t stay overnight in their treatment facility. Still, they receive a range of advanced care options, including:

  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Medical treatment
  • The use of supporting lab services

As the program’s name implies, care is typically provided in a hospital or dedicated facility. People who need this level of treatment have a mental or physical condition that’s not fully stabilized and under control. Still, they’re well enough to recover without residential care.

What Is the Weekly Timeframe for a Partial Hospitalization Program Rehab?

Each level of addiction rehab on the continuum provides a certain amount of weekly treatment. In partial hospitalization, you will receive treatment for at least 20 hours every seven days. The exact type of help provided to you depends on the details of your situation.

There is no set upper limit on the weekly care you receive in a PHP. Some people require more help than can be given in a 20-hour timeframe. But however long you’re in treatment, you’ll go home at the end of the day.

The typical program operates Monday through Friday. Treatment usually begins in mid-morning and ends in mid-afternoon. Your average day will be longer if you need more than 20 hours of weekly services.

What Is the Overall Length of Enrollment in Your Program?

The overall time spent in a partial hospitalization program rehab can vary considerably. Some people spend less than a month in their program. A more typical minimal enrollment is 30 days. You may also stay in your program for half a year.


When Will You Learn More About Your Specific Time Commitments?

How long will partial hospitalization take in your particular case? The starting timetable for your program is established during an initial assessment of your needs. You can then arrange your daily schedule to fit that timetable. Factors that can affect your duration of enrollment include:

  • The details of your mental and/or physical health issues
  • The amount of time required to get your symptoms under control
  • Any unforeseen concerns that may emerge during treatment

Be aware that the projected length of your program may change over time.

Find Out More About Partial Hospitalization Programs at Northpoint Colorado

Want to know more about the expectations and requirements of a partial hospitalization program? Talk to the addiction rehab specialists at Northpoint Colorado. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you prepare for enrollment.

Northpoint features a full range of recovery services. Along with a comprehensive PHP, our offerings include residential treatment and other forms of outpatient care. No matter your situation, you’ll find suitable options to support your needs and efforts. For more information on how we can help, call us today at 888.231.1281. We also offer a convenient online message form.