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Finding An Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center In Loveland, CO

a group of people participate in alcohol addiction treatment center in loveland co

In Larimer County, Colorado, and throughout the U.S., many adults drink alcohol. Moderate drinking is typical. However, in Loveland and other municipalities, some local adults use alcohol in unhealthy or dangerous ways. One potential consequence of this behavior is the eventual development of alcoholism. Whenever this illness occurs, substance rehab is the surest way to recover. That’s why finding alcohol addiction treatment in Loveland, CO, may be an urgent task for you or someone you know.

Problem Drinking and Alcohol Addiction

Certain patterns of drinking increase the odds that you’ll need an alcohol rehab center in Loveland, CO. Experts sometimes refer to these patterns collectively as problem drinking. They come in two main forms: heavy drinking and binge drinking. A man drinks heavily when his drinking totals either:

  • Reach at least 15 alcohol servings in any seven-day period
  • Hit at least five alcohol servings in one day
  • A woman falls under the same definition after just eight weekly servings or four servings in one day.

When a person meets their daily threshold for heavy drinking in two hours or less, they’re likely binging on alcohol. This is true because consuming that much alcohol in such a brief timeframe will typically make you drunk. Not all heavy drinkers and alcohol bingers will develop alcoholism. But their drinking habits increase their exposure to such a scenario.

Reasons to Find a Local Alcohol Rehab Center in Loveland, CO

As a rule, you should find a rehab provider that’s as close to your location as possible. That’s true because local resources tend to make treatment more accessible and easier to attend consistently. If you live in Larimer County, an alcohol addiction treatment center in Colorado is good. But an alcohol addiction treatment center in Loveland, CO, is even better. This kind of nearby resource may make all the difference in your ability to attend outpatient rehab. That can also be the case if you need to spend time in inpatient rehab.

What Can an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Loveland, CO, Do for You?

What types of services will you receive at an alcohol addiction treatment center in Loveland? The initial step away from active alcoholism is detox. Detox services have three main priorities. The first priority is halting the compulsive drinking that comes with alcoholism. The second priority is helping your brain and body withdraw from alcohol. Detox’s third priority is safeguarding you from the complications that can stem from alcohol withdrawal.

After detox is finished, you get help restoring sobriety as your daily norm. This help is commonly known as active treatment. It has two key components: medication and therapy. Medication can be used to:

  • Change your physical response to drinking in ways that encourage abstinence
  • Lower your desire to keep drinking
  • Heal some of the system imbalances caused by drinking

Therapy has many uses. It can help you better understand alcoholism and its causes. It can also make you a more effective rehab participant. In addition, you can use therapy to improve your sobriety maintenance skills.

Enroll Today in Northpoint’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Loveland, CO

Trying to find an alcohol addiction treatment center in Colorado? That’s a good idea if you’re a state resident. Along with effective detox and active treatment, location is a big factor in timely recovery.

Do you need an alcohol addiction treatment center in Loveland? Northpoint Colorado is your in-town provider for alcohol detox and active alcohol treatment. We feature inpatient rehab for alcoholism. We also feature three levels of outpatient alcoholism treatment. To take full advantage of our convenient location, call us today at 888.231.1281. You can also message us online through our brief contact form.