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Finding A Drug Rehab Center In Colorado

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Compared to the residents of most U.S. states, Coloradans face an unusually high rate of substance problems. All told, more than half a million people are affected.¹ These people have diverse needs in recovery. That’s true, in part, because they’re dealing with a range of addiction-related conditions. It’s also true because not everyone needs the same kinds of treatment resources in rehab. Looking for a drug rehab center in Colorado? Chances for recovery are highest in a center that fits your specific treatment requirements.

The Types of Conditions Treated in Drug Addiction Rehab in Colorado

All people in need of rehab have a substance use disorder (SUD). This is the current term for both full-blown addiction and substance abuse that inhibits daily function. Within this term are a variety of distinct conditions, including:

  • Opioid use disorder
  • Alcohol use disorder
  • Stimulant use disorder
  • Sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic use disorder
  • Cannabis use disorder

Each of these conditions produces symptoms of addiction or substance abuse. However, they also differ in meaningful ways. That includes the methods used to treat them during substance rehab. To make progress toward recovery, you must find a rehab center that treats the form of SUD affecting you.

Finding a Drug Rehab Center in Colorado – Appropriate Levels of Treatment

Doctors classify all SUDs according to the total number of symptoms they produce. The maximum possible number is 11. Mild SUDs produce two or three symptoms out of the possible total. Four or five symptoms are found in people with moderate conditions. Six-plus symptoms indicate severe SUD.

The seriousness of your SUD matters when it comes to providing appropriate treatment. As a rule, mild substance use disorders require the fewest treatment resources for effective care. Moderate SUDs require more resources than mild conditions. In turn, severe SUDs require more resources than moderate conditions.

To ensure proper treatment, finding drug rehab in Colorado with sufficient resources is crucial. Depending on your needs, you may be best suited for:

  • A standard outpatient program
  • An intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • A partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Residential or inpatient substance treatment

The extent of your SUD helps guide the selection of an appropriate program. Additional factors can also have an impact on the right level of treatment for you.

Finding Drug Rehab in Colorado – Recovery Options for Your Particular SUD

The basic recovery options – psychotherapy and medication – are the same for all substance use disorders. However, the specific choices within these categories are guided by the type of SUD affecting you. They’re also guided by the types of symptoms present and details of your background.

What are the most common SUD treatments? At the top of the list is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is not only flexible enough to support recovery from multiple conditions. It also focuses on practical results that improve your daily well-being.

Medication is used sparingly in most forms of SUD treatment. One exception to this rule is treatment for alcohol use disorder. Another is treatment for opioid use disorder.

Get Your Recovery Started at Northpoint’s Drug Rehab Center in Colorado

Finding a drug rehab center in Colorado is an urgent task for hundreds of thousands of state residents. The right option for you will have treatment options for your specific form of SUD. They will also provide a level of care that fits your SUD severity.

No matter your needs for drug rehab in Colorado, turn to the professionals at Northpoint Colorado. We treat all common forms of SUD. Moreover, we feature all four treatment levels used in effective SUD recovery. To start your recovery, call us today at 888.231.1281. We’re also available through our online form.

¹ SAMHSA – Behavioral Health Barometer, Colorado Volume 6