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Find A Substance Abuse Treatment Center In Loveland, CO

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Abuse of addictive substances can have a range of serious health consequences, including addiction and overdose. These consequences are notable in Larimer County, Colorado, home to the City of Loveland. Each year, dozens of county residents overdose¹ or experience other kinds of substance-related harm. Do you or someone you know misuse drugs or alcohol? It may be time for you to seek out a substance abuse treatment center in Loveland, CO. The support you receive in your rehab program can help you overcome a substance problem of any severity. Contact Northpoint Colorado at 888.231.1281 today for more information.

Why Would You Need Substance Abuse Treatment in Loveland, CO?

The term substance abuse can be used to identify drinking or drug use that creates a risk for future problems. Depending on your circumstances, that can mean:

  • Taking too much of a prescribed medication
  • Drinking alcohol too often or in excessive amounts
  • Using an addictive street drug, even in limited amounts

Today’s public health experts also refer to this kind of pattern as substance misuse.

Eventually, substance misuse can leave you in need of formal treatment. This can happen for either of two reasons. First, even non-addicted drug or alcohol use can leave you less able to care for yourself or others. You may also become clinically addicted to the substance in question. Are you a Larimer County resident affected by either of these issues? It’s probably time to find a substance abuse treatment center in Loveland, CO.

How Does Drug Abuse Treatment in Loveland, CO Work?

Substance abuse treatment in Loveland or any other location is designed to help you reach your key recovery objectives. The exact nature of these objectives can vary. However, they generally focus on such things as:

  • Achieving a clean break from drug or alcohol dependency
  • Initiating the early phase of sobriety
  • Strengthening the foundation of sobriety
  • Planning for a post-rehab regimen focused on maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle

There are many modern treatments designed to support abuse and addiction recovery. Top resources include customized alcohol and drug detox programs. They also include customized therapy and medication use.

Alcohol and drug abuse treatment in Loveland, CO, often takes place on an outpatient basis. Heavily affected people may need an inpatient option instead. Which setting do you or someone you love need to recover? Your doctor or addiction specialist can help you decide. They can also help you create a treatment plan that works to your best advantage.

Reasons for Seeking Treatment in Loveland

Why would you want to find a substance abuse treatment center in Loveland, CO, instead of looking somewhere else? That depends on your situation. If you live in Larimer County, local recovery options usually make sense. Their close proximity can make both inpatient and outpatient recovery easier to manage.

Even if you don’t live within the county, you might want to consider substance abuse treatment in Loveland. That’s especially true if you’re looking for a full slate of inpatient rehab services for drug or alcohol recovery. Since you live in your facility while receiving help, the travel distance involved may be less of a concern.

Call on Northpoint for Substance Abuse Treatment in Loveland, CO

The need for substance abuse and addiction treatment in Larimer County is notable. Effective recovery options not only support your short-term rehab goals. They also help you follow your ongoing daily routine without drinking or taking drugs.

Are you trying to find a substance abuse treatment center in Loveland, CO? Turn to the local resources of Northpoint Colorado. We feature comprehensive plans for both inpatient and outpatient recovery. No matter your needs, call us today at 888.231.1281 or contact us online. We’ll gladly provide more information or help you create your customized treatment plan.

¹ 2021 Annual Report – Office of the Larimer County Coroner/Medical Examiner