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5 Reasons Detoxing from Alcohol at Home Can Be Dangerous

a person sits in a dark bedroom on a bed while detoxing from alcohol at home

Research consistently shows that alcohol problems go largely untreated in America. There are multiple possible reasons why you or someone you know might not enter treatment. For example, some people try to quit drinking by detoxing from alcohol at home. This might seem like a convenient, workable alternative to treatment. However, at-home alcohol detox exposes you to various recovery obstacles. The seriousness of these obstacles helps explain the well-established importance of professional alcohol detox and rehab services.

Reasons for Not Detoxing from Alcohol at Home

What are the most important reasons for not detoxing from alcohol at home? The most common reasons include avoiding dangers such as:

  1. Not having access to resources that make detox as easy and safe as possible
  2. Making yourself too uncomfortable to cope with alcohol withdrawal
  3. Increasing the odds that you will relapse before you complete detox
  4. Lacking help for any extreme side effects of detoxing from alcohol
  5. Decreasing the chance that you will continue your recovery when detoxing ends

All of these reasons are significant. Together, they tip the scale in favor of professional alcohol detox compared to at-home detox.

Is It Safe to Detox from Alcohol at Home – DIY Vs. Professional Resources

When you detox from alcohol at home, you’re taking on this vital stage of recovery on your own. However, you almost certainly have limited resources at your disposal. If you run into problems, there may be little or no accessible help available.

In contrast, detox programs feature a wealth of resources. No matter your situation, these resources may prove invaluable to your ability to achieve sobriety. In some cases, they may also protect your life.

Avoiding a Relapse by Not Detoxing from Alcohol at Home

One of the significant dangers of alcohol detox at home is relapse. The average person finds withdrawal from alcohol to be a seriously unpleasant experience. If you’re detoxing at home, you may be tempted to ease withdrawal as best as you know how. In other words, you may start drinking again.

Unfortunately, a relapse puts you back at square one of the recovery process. In a detox program, you get extensive help for withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle tremors
  • Sleeplessness
  • Jitteriness and irritability
  • Fatigue

As a result, your relapse risks are typically much, much lower when choosing a professional detox.

Getting Help for Dangerous Side Effects of Alcohol Detox

Some of the potential side effects of alcohol detox are highly hazardous to your well-being. Such effects include:

  • Full-body seizures
  • A collection of symptoms known as delirium tremens (DTs)

When it comes to the dangers of alcohol detox at home, these problems rank at the top of the list. They’re relatively rare. But when they occur, they can potentially kill you. Detox programs provide rapid treatment for seizures and DTs. For this reason, they offer a far superior safety net compared to at-home detox.

Turn to Northpoint Colorado for More on the Risks of Detoxing from Alcohol at Home

Is it safe to detox from alcohol at home? Given the common and rare risks of the alcohol detox process, the answer to this question is a resounding no. Not only can professional detox keep you safer. The services you receive also make it easier to follow up on detox with an active alcohol rehab program.

Want to know more about detoxing from alcohol at home versus professional detox? Call the Northpoint Colorado experts today at 888.231.1281 or complete our online form. We’ll happily explain the many reasons for choosing a detox program. We also offer detox services that can be customized to meet your specific recovery requirements.