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When Is It Time for Someone to Be Admitted to Drug Rehab?

Person considering drug rehab

Like many Americans, you or your loved one may be taking a street drug or misusing prescription medication. These actions inevitably ramp up your chances of developing a diagnosable substance use disorder (SUD). In turn, the presence of an SUD is a sure sign that you need a drug rehab program. Have you reached the point where you may need rehab? You might not always be able to answer this question on your own. However, knowledge of the critical rehab indicators may motivate you to seek proper treatment at the earliest possible opportunity. Call 888.231.1281 to speak with someone from Northpoint Colorado about our drug rehab program.

Signs Pointing to a Need for Drug Rehab

The term substance abuse has a couple of meanings. The first definition refers to taking an illegal drug or misusing a legal prescription. Both of these actions put you at risk for the second form of substance abuse. This second definition is used to identify serious problems that don’t indicate the presence of addiction. Like addiction, these problems point to a need for drug rehab treatment. They include:

  • Running into trouble at work, home, or school because of your drug use
  • Not quitting drug use even though it damages your meaningful relationships
  • Repeatedly doing dangerous things like driving when under the influence of drugs

All of these issues are signs that you may have an SUD. This term describes diagnosable disorders caused by the use of any addictive substance. In addition to severe substance abuse, it covers addiction. It also covers all combinations of substance abuse and addiction.

Addiction-Related Signs Pointing to a Need for a Drug Treatment Center

What kinds of things point to the presence of drug addiction? Specific problems that may affect you include:

  • Repeatedly using more significant or more frequent drug doses than you thought you would
  • Needing to take higher and higher amounts of a drug before it affects you
  • Having a lifestyle that revolves around obtaining, taking, or recovering from drugs
  • Not being able to halt your drug use after trying to quit at least twice
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you slow or stop your drug use
  • Developing powerful cravings for a drug between doses of it

Another potential indicator of addiction is continuing to take a drug even when its use harms you mentally or physically.

When Is Drug Rehab Treatment Essential?

You may suspect that you or your loved one need a drug treatment center. But only a trained professional can confirm this suspicion. Many people first seek a diagnosis from their primary doctor. You can also seek help from an addiction specialist.

The SUD definition puts non-addicted substance abuse on the same level as addiction. If you have just two symptoms from either or both of these categories, you meet the criteria for a diagnosis. If you’re mildly affected, you have up to three signs. If you’re moderately involved, you have four or five of them. If you’re severely affected, you have six or more symptoms. Treatment is needed for even a mild SUD.

Find Drug Rehab at Northpoint Colorado

Worried that you or your loved one need drug rehab treatment? Talk to the addiction specialists at Northpoint Colorado. We can review your concerns and recommend the next steps. We can also officially diagnose any form of SUD.

Already received a SUD diagnosis? Northpoint Colorado features a complete range of treatment options for all forms of substance abuse and addiction. No matter how seriously you’re impacted, we’re committed to helping you recover. Contact Northpoint Colorado today at 888.231.1281 or complete our online form for more information on our services.