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What Are the Root Causes of Anxiety?

a person looks anxious by a window to show the root causes of anxiety

On any given day, there’s a good chance that you’ll feel anxious about one thing or another. Anxiety usually remains within a tolerable range. However, it also can seriously disrupt your sense of well-being. If this happens to you, you may need formal anxiety treatment.

What triggers anxiousness? There are several potential root causes of anxiety. These causes may affect you individually. Your anxious feelings may also result from multiple issues that occur together. If you’re in need of anxiety treatment, contact Northpoint Colorado at 888.231.1281 today.

What Are Root Causes of Anxiety – How Is Anxiety Triggered?

Anxiety is a natural response to certain kinds of circumstances. In these circumstances, you anticipate encountering things such as:

  • Actual physical danger
  • Various types of personal misfortune
  • A catastrophe that could impact you or other people

Common physical reactions to this anticipation include an accelerated heartbeat and faster breathing. They also include increased muscle tension and stomach distress. Common emotional responses are dread and worry.

Potential Causes of Anxiety – Stressful Life Events

Stressful life events are some of the most widespread causes of everyday anxiety. These events may occur at home, at work, or in school. Often, they involve issues related to personal relationships or financial stability. World events beyond our control are also common causes of anxiety in everyday life. In addition, you may go through less frequent life experiences that seriously boost your anxiety levels. Potential examples of these experiences include major health issues and the death of a loved one.

Genetic Background as Potential Causes of Anxiety

Some people are naturally more anxious than others. Here, the underlying issue is often genetic inheritance. You are more likely to feel anxious if you have family members affected by anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorder is the term for a group of illnesses that produce life-disrupting levels of anxiety.

What Is the Cause of Anxiety – Anxiety Disorders

You may also experience symptoms of an anxiety disorder yourself. There are more than half a dozen of these illnesses, and each has particular effects. However, they share one thing in common. Namely, they make you feel so anxious that you find it difficult to function in daily life.

Causes of Anxiety Disorders

No one fully understands the causes of anxiety disorders. However, multiple kinds of risk factors for these disorders have been identified. These factors include:

  • Chronic, heavy stress
  • Exposure to major traumatic events
  • Health issues such as diabetes and heart diseases
  • Use of certain medications for serious health issues
  • A family history of anxiety disorders
  • Excessive use of drugs or alcohol

A perfectionist personality can also increase your anxiety disorder risks.

Which Cause of Anxiety Is Affecting You?

What is the root cause of the anxiety affecting someone? This question can be a difficult one to answer. Doctors must look at all of the potential factors involved and take the time to distinguish one probable root cause of anxiety from another. Your anxiety may have a single primary source. However, it’s not uncommon to be affected by multiple overlapping reasons.

Benefits of Treating the Causes of Anxiety

Treating the root causes of anxiety can lead to significant improvements in your quality of life. It can help you regain control, manage symptoms, and engage in daily activities without the disruption of overwhelming anxiety.

The benefits of treating the causes of anxiety include:

  • Reduction in the frequency and intensity of anxiety attacks
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Enhanced ability to focus and concentrate
  • Increased social interactions and relationships
  • Better management of stress and other life challenges

Successful treatment of anxiety can give you a new lease on life, turning your daily struggles into manageable tasks. By addressing the root causes of your anxiety, you’re not just alleviating symptoms – you’re working towards long-lasting change. In the next section, we’ll discuss different strategies and therapies that can assist in treating the root causes of anxiety.

Get More Information on the Potential Causes of Anxiety at Northpoint Colorado

What is the cause of anxiety? To learn more, contact the mental health professionals at Northpoint Colorado. We’ll help you identify the specific factors contributing to your anxiety. We can also determine if you have a diagnosable anxiety disorder.

At Northpoint Colorado, we know the strong ties between anxiety disorders and addiction. We feature customized treatment for co-occurring disorders to help you overcome these combined issues. This treatment makes it possible to dial down your anxiety levels. It also makes it possible for you to recover from addiction. Call us at 888.231.1281 or fill out our online message form.