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Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Near Denver

a woman walks to her intensive outpatient alcohol treatment in denver colorado

Almost 30 million Americans have diagnosable problems related to alcohol use, and in Denver, CO, approximately 27 percent of Denverites say they binge drink regularly.1 Some of these people are severely affected by their condition. For this reason, they require the 24/7 care provided in a residential treatment program. However, you may also qualify for several kinds of outpatient rehab programs. One such option is an intensive outpatient program (IOP). An intensive outpatient program near Denver will provide you with high rehab support. It can also provide you with other essential recovery advantages. Contact Northpoint Colorado at 888.231.1281 for more information today.

Residential Vs. Outpatient Alcohol Treatment in Denver

As their name implies, residential alcohol treatment programs occur in live-in facilities. To participate in this program, you must leave home for its duration. In return, you gain round-the-clock access to any needed treatment resources.

There are several potential reasons why residential rehab may be a good option for someone in recovery. These reasons include:

  • The presence of severe addiction symptoms
  • The absence of a stable home life or a well-developed personal support network
  • Lack of adequate improvement in an outpatient program
  • Unclear alcohol-related symptoms that need further investigation

Like residential programs, outpatient alcohol treatment programs require you to receive treatment at your chosen facility. But between treatments, you can live at home and follow your everyday routine. No one who qualifies for outpatient care requires the 24/7 oversight of residential care. However, this doesn’t mean that all outpatient participants are alike. In fact, there is tremendous diversity within this group.

To ensure that everyone is accommodated, there are three kinds of outpatient programs. The most extensive support is provided in partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). IOPs form the next level of outpatient care. The third and least intense option is a standard outpatient program.

What Happens in Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Denver?

IOPs are primarily defined by the amount of support they provide for your alcohol recovery. The minimum support threshold for programs of this type is nine hours of treatment each week. At most, you will receive 19 hours of weekly care. During intensive outpatient alcohol treatment in Denver, the services you receive may fall anywhere within this target range. That’s true, partly because your needed level of support may differ from that of others in your program.

The kinds of treatment provided by IOPs are essentially the same as those provided in other alcohol programs. Several medications may play a part in a successful treatment plan. In addition, you may benefit from several forms of counseling or therapy.

Notable Advantages of IOPs

The core benefit of an IOP is helping you return to a stable pattern of sobriety. But you may also enjoy a range of other advantages. Depending on your situation, your additional benefits may include things such as:

  •  Enough scheduling flexibility to keep working or attending school
  • Avoidance of an unnecessary stay in residential treatment
  • A more cost-effective rehab process

For some people, these kinds of extra advantages are welcome but not essential. However, for others, they may be a significant factor in the decision to enter alcohol treatment.

For Quality Outpatient Alcohol Treatment in Denver, Turn to Northpoint Colorado

Northpoint Colorado is located in Loveland at 4565 Kendall Parkway, between Boyd Lake and I-25. We specialize in intensive outpatient treatment for Denver and all other surrounding communities. No matter where you live in the greater metro area, you can reach us via major local roads.

All IOP treatment plans at Northpoint are fully customized. We also feature PHP and residential options, as well as a dedicated first responder program. Want more information? Just call us today at 888.231.1281. We’re also available through our online form. Northpoint is standing by to support your alcohol recovery.

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