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How to Overcome Your Oxycontin Addiction

a person talks in therapy while sitting on a couch to overcome oxycontin addiction

Millions of Americans misuse prescription pain medication at least once a year. In roughly one-third of all cases, the specific source of this misuse is the opioid OxyContin or an equivalent drug. Improper use of OxyContin, or Oxy, can eventually lead to diagnosable addiction. It can also trigger serious problems even when you don’t qualify for an addiction diagnosis. What’s the best way to overcome these kinds of far-reaching health concerns? As a rule, professional Oxycontin addiction treatment provides the safest, most steady path to recovery.

What Is an Oxy Addiction?

OxyContin gets its name from its primary ingredient, an opioid painkiller called oxycodone. The effects of this medication not only reduce your susceptibility to pain. They also leave you feeling euphoric. This is the term for a degree of pleasure surpassing anything most people experience daily.

The impact of Oxy-related euphoria can be profound. In fact, some people are so affected by it that they prioritize recreating it as much as possible. For many, this behavior results from the onset of addiction or a substance use disorder. Addiction typically starts with physical OxyContin dependence. It then progresses into an involuntary need to get and use more of the medication.

Eventually, people affected by Oxy addiction stop caring about the personal and social costs of their medication-seeking behaviors.

Using Medical Detox to Help You Overcome OxyContin Addiction

You can’t overcome OxyContin addiction while still actively using the medication. However, for the average person, stopping is quite tricky. That’s true because addiction is driving you to keep using Oxy. It does so, in part, by triggering withdrawal if you try to quit.

Unless you have other substances in your system, Oxy withdrawal is not typically dangerous. Nevertheless, it can make you feel intensely ill. Many people feel so unwell that they start using Oxy again.

But this kind of outcome is not inevitable. You can sidestep it with help from a medical detox program. This type of program focuses on the following:

  • Keeping your withdrawal symptoms under control
  • Stabilizing all other aspects of your overall health
  • Maximizing your sense of security, comfort, and safety

When you complete detox, you’re ready for a customized Oxy rehab program.

How to Overcome Drug Addiction in Rehab and Aftercare

Oxy rehab is a continuation of your detox efforts. Detox helps you get the medication out of your bloodstream. Rehab enables you to build the ability to remain free from future problems with OxyContin.

Therapy is a big part of successful Oxy rehab. An effective recovery plan may include options such as:

  • CBT, or cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • DBT, or dialectical behavior therapy
  • Group or individual therapy

Oxy recovery plans may also include medication. There are options available to help reduce your cravings for OxyContin. There are also options that stop Oxy from producing its euphoric effects.

An aftercare program is typically recommended when you complete rehab. This type of program provides ongoing access to essential recovery resources. In this way, it helps reinforce and support your Oxy-free lifestyle.

Turn to Northpoint Colorado for More on How to Overcome OxyContin Addiction

Information on how to overcome drug addiction is vitally important. Want to learn more about overcoming problems with Oxy? Talk to the specialists at Northpoint Colorado. We can answer any question you may have about successful OxyContin recovery.

Ready to get your recovery underway? Northpoint is your source for customized, modern treatment. We feature detox services, as well as rehab services. No matter your level of need, we can help you overcome addiction and restore day-to-day function. Just call us today at 888.231.1281. You can also message us through our online form.