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Finding a Denver Detox Center

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Like all major metropolises across the U.S., the Denver area has its share of serious drug problems, with 21% of the population engaged in illicit drug use.1 If you’re addicted to a legal or illegal substance, a drug detox center in Colorado can help you begin your lasting recovery. This type of center features withdrawal support for your particular form of addiction. It also protects you from complications and enables you to move on to the next steps in the treatment process. Contact Northpoint Colorado at 888.231.1281 for more information.

What Is a Drug Detox Center?

Drug detox centers get their name because they help you get illegal or prescription drugs out of your system. This process is known as detoxification. It takes time to detoxify your body. The specific timeframe for detox depends on factors that include:

  • The substance in your system
  • How much of that substance is in your system
  • How your brain and body react to the detoxification process

Detox is heavily associated with the onset of withdrawal symptoms. As a rule, these symptoms arise when your brain no longer receives its accustomed amount of a given drug. The particular effects of withdrawal vary from person to person. No matter the symptoms you experience, detox helps you cope with them as you gradually progress toward sobriety.

The Methods Used for Withdrawal Support During Drug Detox in Denver

There is no single approach to successful drug detox. Instead, effective detox plans are based on the needs of your situation. The most common treatment option for withdrawal symptoms is supportive care. This kind of care focuses on:

  • Making you as comfortable as possible during drug withdrawal
  • Fortifying your body’s ability to tolerate the withdrawal
  • Keeping a close watch on your vital signs and noting any significant changes
  • Providing a prompt response for any withdrawal difficulties that occur

If you’re affected by opiate or opioid addiction, you may also receive withdrawal medication. Some available medication options act as temporary opioid replacements. Others directly ease the effects of opiate/opioid withdrawal. During sedative detox, you may be gradually weaned off the medication in your system.

Additional Goals of a Denver Drug Detox Center

A Denver drug detox center will not only protect your health and help you reach a sober state. In addition, it will help you get ready to enter a drug rehab program. The importance of this preparation cannot be overstated.

Why? Detox alone is not sufficient to keep you sober over time. To pursue this indispensable goal, you must address your addiction’s roots. Drug rehab is the place where you start to undo the thoughts and behaviors that keep the addiction going. It’s also where you learn how to make practical changes that form the basis for a drug-free future.

Where Can You Find Drug Detox in Denver?

As a major city, Denver has multiple options for drug detox. But not all local centers are equal in quality. Focus on providers who feature time-tested detox methods. Effective centers should also be staffed by experts who can treat people affected by any form of addiction. In addition, they should provide a clear path forward to a drug rehab program.

Seek Help From Northpoint Colorado’s Denver Detox Center

Looking for a high-quality Denver detox center? Northpoint Colorado is a premier local provider. We’re located at 4565 Kendall Parkway in Loveland. Just drive north on I-25 and exit at E. Crossroads Boulevard. We’re equally accessible from other parts of the greater metro area.

Northpoint features a complete slate of drug detox services. In all cases, we match the care you receive to the details of your situation. To learn more about our customized detox center, call us today at 888.231.1281. You can access the same information by completing our online message form.

1. The NSDUH Report Metro Brief: Substance Use and Mental Disorders in the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield Metropolitan Statistical Area