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Do You Know the Hidden Costs of Alcoholism?

a person raises their hand in an alcohol rehab to talk about the hidden costs of alcoholism

Alcoholism is an ongoing, widespread problem in communities across America. People affected by this substance use disorder develop symptoms that lead to both physical and mental harm. Some of the costs of these harms are relatively well-known. However, others are less obvious. Nevertheless, the hidden costs of alcoholism can have a significant impact on both you and others. This is just one more reason why people with alcoholism should seek effective alcohol detox and rehab.

Alcoholism and Medical Bills – The Financial Toll

Over time, alcoholism can damage your body in a variety of ways. Depending on your situation, affected areas may include your:

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Brain
  • Immune system
  • Pancreas

You also increase your risk for several forms of cancer.

The financial toll of alcoholism on medical bills can be staggering. Throughout the U.S. as a whole, this toll amounts to over 1.7 billion dollars annually. A large percentage of all people in the nation’s hospital beds are there for reasons related to alcoholism.

Alcoholism and Its Emotional Toll

By itself, alcoholism can have a seriously negative impact on your mental well-being. This helps explain why the condition is officially defined as a mental health condition. This condition, known as alcohol use disorder (AUD), also includes dysfunctional alcohol abuse.

Unaddressed drinking problems also increase your chances of developing additional mental health issues. Potential consequences of alcoholism and its emotional toll include illnesses such as major depression and anxiety disorders. They also include bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and eating disorders.

When combined with alcohol problems, these illnesses are harder to treat. In turn, they make it harder for you to quit drinking and achieve stable sobriety. The end result can be a much higher degree of difficulty for your attempts to restore a sense of wellness.

The Connection Between Alcoholism and Job Loss

There is a well-documented connection between alcoholism and job loss. In most circumstances, you can’t be fired simply for having alcohol problems. However, these problems may cause you to underperform at work. In turn, low productivity may lead to your eventual dismissal. Even if you don’t get fired, untreated alcoholism can derail your career and limit your earning potential.

The Link Between Alcoholism and Relationship Problems

The effects of alcoholism can interfere with the health of your key relationships in multiple ways. For example, you may become more secretive or withdrawn to hide your drinking. Alcoholism can also increase your chances of acting aggressively or violently. In addition, you may spend money on alcohol instead of bills or other important financial obligations.

Several potential symptoms of AUD reflect the link between alcoholism and relationship problems. These symptoms include:

  • Not quitting when you know your drinking damages your relationships
  • Prioritizing drinking above other aspects of your life
  • Having functioning issues at home that stem from your alcohol use

To recover from alcoholism, you may need to repair your relationships. You can achieve this goal with the help of couples or family therapy. Failure to improve your relationships can potentially hinder your recovery.

Find Out More About the Hidden Costs of Alcoholism at Northpoint Colorado

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