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Are There Natural Alternatives to Xanax?

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Every year, doctors in the U.S. write millions of prescriptions for the powerful sedative Xanax or its generic equivalent, alprazolam. That’s true because this medication is quite beneficial for the relief of serious anxiety. However, Xanax use comes with some significant drawbacks, including risks for dependence and full-blow addiction. Are there safer alternatives that can help you avoid the need for Xanax addiction treatment? The answer to this question is yes. But these alternatives are best used when following the advice of your doctor.

The Importance of Preventing Xanax Addiction

Xanax and generic alprazolam are benzodiazepine medications. Like other members of this drug class, also known as benzos, they act as sedatives and/or tranquilizers. Improper use of any benzo can lead to physical dependence. It can also lead to addiction. However, Xanax-related risks for these problems are especially notable. Why?

Xanax has two properties that make it more prone to cause dependence and addiction. First, the medication is highly potent. In addition, it passes through your system rather quickly.

Together, these properties can encourage misuse. This often happens when a Xanax user attempts to experience the medication’s drug effects at an accelerated pace.

Preventing Xanax addiction is of prime importance. If you have a valid prescription, your doctor can help you stay addiction-free. However, your risks for addiction increase if you ignore the restrictions that come with your prescription. They also increase if you take Xanax that’s not prescribed to you.

Potential Natural Alternatives to Xanax – Herbs, Amino Acids, and More

If you’re significantly affected by anxiety, Xanax is not your only choice for relief. A variety of natural substances can help ease anxious feelings and support wellness. The list of these substances includes two amino acids:

  1. Taurine
  2. L-theanine

Taurine naturally occurs in both poultry products and seafood. L-theanine is found in white, green, and black tea.

Several herbs can also potentially serve as natural Xanax substitutes. Examples here include:

  • Lemon balm
  • Gotu Kola
  • Valerian
  • Kava

Some people rely on vitamins and minerals to ease their anxiety levels while avoiding the use of Xanax. Vitamins that may prove useful include B3, B6, and B12. They also include vitamin C. Minerals that may provide an anti-anxiety benefit include both zinc and magnesium.

Talking to Your Doctor About Natural Coping Strategies for Anxiety Relief

Looking for natural coping strategies for anxiety relief? Talk to your doctor first. There are two reasons for taking this step. Crucially, your doctor can help you avoid taking natural products that conflict with any of your prescribed medications. They can also help you make safer choices when picking products that don’t conflict with your medication.

Be aware that current evidence supporting the use of any given Xanax alternative may vary. Some potential alternatives have not been thoroughly researched. Others may pose their own risks for your health and well-being. Always consult your doctor and ask for their advice. That’s the best way to avoid doing something that could worsen your condition or otherwise lead to harm.

Learn More About the Natural Alternatives to Xanax at Northpoint Colorado

Want to know more about potential natural alternatives to Xanax? Talk to the professionals at Northpoint Colorado. We can help you review your potential options. We can also provide advice on other ways to steer clear of Xanax addiction.

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