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5 Tips to Having a Sober New Year

a group of people laughs and celebrates a sober new year

In the minds of many Americans, New Year’s Eve and substance use go hand in hand. In most cases, the substance of choice is alcohol. However, drug use is also common. If you’ve completed drug detox and rehab, it’s vital that you maintain your sobriety at New Year’s. How can you do that while still enjoying the festive atmosphere of this beloved holiday? Fortunately, a sober New Year is becoming a priority for more and more people. A few essential tips will help you join this positive trend.

The Link Between New Year’s and Drugs

Every year, substance use in the U.S. predictably rises during the holiday season. Why? The number one explanation is the increased levels of stress associated with Christmas and New Year’s. In the runup to these holidays, common sources of added stress include:

  • Paying for gifts for your family and friends
  • Traveling during one of the busiest times of the year
  • Feeling obligated to attend various kinds of social functions
  • Being around people with whom you have strained relationships

In addition, some people add to their stress levels by making unrealistic New Year’s resolutions.

The link between New Year’s and drugs is also based on the common perception of New Year’s as a party-centric holiday. In fact, according to current social norms, parties are the holiday’s primary activity. And with parties, there typically comes an added enticement to use drugs or alcohol.

Changing Your Perspective on a Sober New Year

If you’re trying to stay sober at New Year’s, it’s easy to feel isolated and left out. This is true for reasons that can include:

  • The need to avoid exposure to alcohol or drugs
  • Fear of missing out on parties or events just because these substances will be present
  • A seeming lack of alternatives to traditional New Year’s activities

However, in reality, the main issue may be your perspective on what should happen on New Year’s Eve. Like many people, you may simply accept the norm of substance use during the holidays, even if you don’t participate. But it really is possible to have a sober New Year that’s both enjoyable and fulfilling. Awareness of this possibility can help you find alternative activities that suit your preferences and situation.

Tips on How to Celebrate a Sober New Year

People committed to sobriety have been grappling with the question of how to celebrate a sober New Year for ages. Over the years and decades, they’ve developed a variety of methods for achieving this crucial goal. Top tips for maintaining your New Year’s Eve sobriety include:

  • Finding a sober celebration held in your local community
  • Hosting a sober gathering for others committed to not drinking or taking drugs
  • Planning in advance to navigate specific sobriety challenges you know you will face
  • Creating a different holiday ritual, such as a movie night or sober cookout
  • Making the most of your support network of sobriety allies

And never forget that you can turn to an addiction specialist if the pressures of the holiday overwhelm you.

Learn More About Strategies for a Sober New Year at Northpoint Colorado

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