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3 Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

a group of people sits in chairs while experiencing the benefits of partial hospitalization program

Many people don’t need an inpatient program to recover from drug or alcohol problems. Instead, they can get the help they need in outpatient care. There are multiple levels of outpatient services. The highest of these levels is a partial hospitalization program (PHP). In the right circumstances, enrollment in a PHP can be a crucial step in your ultimate recovery. That’s true because programs of this type provide some excellent benefits for successful addiction treatment.

How Does Partial Hospitalization Work?

Partial hospitalization sits on a continuum of outpatient options, including standard and intensive outpatient programs. Compared to these two other options, PHPs meet a higher standard of care. PHPs rank just below inpatient programs regarding the number of recovery resources they provide.

Partial hospitalization comes with certain universal features. First, all programs in this category:

  • Provide at least 20 hours of weekly outpatient treatment
  • Have no set upper limit on their weekly number of treatment hours

In the typical PHP, you receive services at your chosen facility Monday through Friday. Each of these days, treatment lasts for at least three to four hours. The types of treatment you need depend on the details of your situation.

Are Partial Hospitalization Programs Effective Outpatient Options?

Does partial hospitalization work? For a large percentage of people who meet the entry criteria for a PHP, the answer to this question is yes. How can you tell if a PHP might suit your recovery needs? The typical participant in this kind of program:

  • Has drug- or alcohol-related symptoms that are moderate-to-severe
  • Lives in a relatively stable household
  • Is affected by mental or physical health problems that have not been fully stabilized
  • Needs plenty of help managing their condition while in treatment

Participants are also unaffected by any issues indicating they might need inpatient services.

Key Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program for Addiction Recovery

What are the most important advantages of PHP for addiction? The answer to this question varies from person to person. However, some of the most common benefits include the following:

  1. Avoiding an unnecessary stay in an inpatient program
  2. Fostering a powerful focus on the development of your recovery skills
  3. Allowing some degree of flexibility for your everyday routine

Each of these benefits can be substantial. Before PHPs were developed, many people entered inpatient treatment because they had no better option. But now, you can avoid the expense and time constraints of inpatient care if you meet PHP criteria.

Attending a PHP five days a week gives you plenty of time to work on your recovery. This intensive approach can make it easier to develop the skills you need to stay sober. At the same time, you can practice those skills between treatment sessions.

For many people, scheduling flexibility is a make-or-break requirement for enrolling in rehab. PHPs provide you with this flexibility. This means you can keep the core aspects of your daily routine going while still receiving drug or alcohol treatment.

Learn More About the Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs at Northpoint

Are partial hospitalization programs effective? Yes, when they fit your recovery needs. Want more information on the potential benefits of partial hospitalization programs? Talk to the addiction specialists at Northpoint Colorado. We’re happy to explain the many reasons for enrolling in a suitable PHP. If it’s not the program for you, we have other options available that could be a good fit.

Northpoint features a full range of recovery options for drug and alcohol addiction. Those options include customized PHP services. And if you’re not a good fit for a PHP, we also offer additional outpatient and inpatient programs. Call us today at 888.231.1281 or complete our convenient online contact form.